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NEW MUSIC ALERT: Brandi D. Releases “Love It”

Brandi D. of the platinum selling girl-group “Blaque” excitedly announced the release of “LOVE IT” on October 4, one day before her birthday. The highly anticipated solo debut from Brandi D. is going to heat up the winter with a diverse collection of powerhouse hits, club-ready anthems, and sexy R&B-dosed jams. Brandi’s album will feature collaborations with a myriad of A-list talent. She hit the studio with R Kelly, Trina and Cassius D Kalb whom has written for Bruno Mars and Lupe Fiasco. “LOVE IT” produced by the Platinum Brothers, is a slow sexy rhythm, mixed with a perfect electric guitar break. Brandi D. explains, “The lyrics of “LOVE IT” came from a space of being in love . . . it’s about the mind and not the physical and how someone can really get into you without even touching you.” Brandi D. achieved global pop stardom when she first joined forces with Shamari Fears-Devoe, and Natina Reed in taking the music scene by storm in ” Blaque”. The group’s debut album sold more than 1.5 million copies and was certified Platinum with songs such as “808”,“Bring It All To Me”, “I Do” and “I’m Good”. Listen to her new single below.

Brandi D. Celebrates Her Birthday and Listening Party at Vanquish Lounge

Brandi D. is back…! Formerly a member of the all girl R&B group BLAQUE (discovered by the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez), she’s working on a solo project that is yet to be named. However, we were invited to an exclusive listening party – held on her birthday, by the way – so we were able to spend a moment with her during her very special event.

Held at the ultra modern Vanquish Lounge, in Midtown, the party was an incredible mix of fashion, music, fun & let’s not forget, celebrity. The red carpet saw the likes of New Editions’ Ron Devoe and Shamari Fears-Devoe (another member of Blaque), RL (formerly of NEXT), Celebrity Chef & friend of AOM Bren Herrera AND Michael & Deena Beasley, Atlanta based actors with enough myriad titles to their credits to be dubbed the “Will & Jada” of Atlanta.

Bren Herrera and RL

The “Birthday Girl” entered the building led by a procession of friends, family and crew – all of who were preceded by sparkled bottle service. That’s right… real, 4th of July type, sparklers. The party was officially started at that point.

Michael and Deena Beasley

“It feels great… I’m so blessed! It’s my night… It’s my birthday. It’s my single release. There’s a lot going on”, Brandi D told AOM.

Brandi D

The single, titled “Love It” is a beautiful, sexy, sultry ballad that can be described as classic, yet modern at the same time. “It’s the first thing I’ve put out as a solo artist… I strived to keep the Jimmy (Jam) & Terry (Lewis), the Janet (Jackson) sound alive”, she offered. “I just want to make my Blaque fans proud, as they’ve been sticking with us for years.”

Ron Devoe and Shamari Fears Devoe

Brandi D. definitely pulled it off with this single, released on 10/3/2011, and it could become a quick hit with Blaque fans and new fans alike. The album is scheduled to be released early 2012 but you can download the single (for FREE) at See more images from the event here.

-Jay Young for AOM & The HIGH UP. Photos by Jay Young and Britt Hutchinson.