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The “HIGH UP is Aspire Online Magazine’s alter ego (so to speak). AOM’s primary focus is providing our readers with articles and special reports concerning issues that matter to them most, whereas THU brings the true essence of entertainment/news media to life. While we cover various social events and have a growing list of up and coming talent yet to be featured, we are not your typical arts, entertainment and news blog. Here you will find the creative evolution of journalism combined with subtle messages that will inspire you to tap into your potential while not settling for a mediocre lifestyle. It’s quite simple. If we can do it, you can do it. If they can have it, we all should have it. You determine what “it” is. More importantly, THU chooses to illuminate the “good” in everyone and everything. Instead of contributing to the sensationalized gossip scene, we bring you candid interviews with deserving individuals who just want to share their story. On the creative side, we plug talented writers and poets needing an outlet to freely  express their thoughts, passions and experiences. And…we cover the most talked about events in Atlanta! Whether it’s music, fashion, poetic expression or social happenings, The “HIGH UP” is here to capture the best, highlight the positive and deliver the expected. We know you’ll enjoy our blog. 🙂
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