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Skin Care

HIGH Maintenance: Get Lush-ous Skin This Winter!

By now, the cold and dry winter weather has probably left you with dry, scaly, and ashy skin. Regular, water based lotions may not be enough to combat your skin issues. What if there was a product that could exfoliate and moisturize your skin at the same time while showering? Well, search no more! Lush Cosmetics has an awesome product called Buffy, which is their most popular selling body butter.

The Buffy Bar, used on wet skin, serves as both exfoliate and moisturizer and for some people, may eliminate the need to apply lotion after their shower. However, a lotion can be used to seal in the oils from the product for additional benefits. With ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, ground rice, and almonds, this product will leave your skin smooth and moisturized all day and is gentle enough to use on individuals who may have sensitive skin or skin ailments, such as eczema. It can be used in warmer weather a few times a week as a regular exfoliate, as well. Also, the bar is susceptible to melt in warm temperatures so it should be kept in a cool, dry place or in a soap tin.

Buffy is sold in 2 sizes: the 3.3 oz bar for $11.95 and the 7 oz bar for $22.95 and can be purchased at or at an actual Lush store in your area.

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