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Poetry Pause

Faith Walk

There once was a family that didn’t know where to go. They tried everywhere…but all of their family and friends said “NO!”. Coming from an evicted home this partiular family had no where to go! God had been and now truly was their only hope. A faith walk they had to take, due to situation…  A testimony was soon to be birthed into the nations! A man named Micheal Pistis heard of the sad story of this particular family and did something about it! Right before Christmas he gave this family a home, fully furnished to the tee! The only thing they had to do was take the key.. Micheal Pistis even gave them the deed! At the end of the miracle , the family realized Micheal was an angel that had been watching them all along. They went to find record of the owners of their new found home and they were the ONLY ONES !  Having Faith in a situation is not ignoring that it’s there but, knowing without any type of doubt that God has already taken care of it. So
the next time you realize life is not exactly what you planned it to be; put your Faith in the Author of Life and you’ll never come up short of a blessing!
P.S. Pistis, pronounced pistees, means “Faith” in Greek. God bless : )

⇒Ronsheavia Welch for The HIGH UP. 

Jon Goode performing ‘The Librarian’ live in Austin, Texas

Queen Sheba…known for her style, grace and creative spirit…she brings you her latest project ‘SHEBATAR’. Look for her interview in the upcoming ‘The HIGH UP Exclusive’….

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