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HIGH Buzz: Common Feuds With Drake

What would Hip-Hop be without an entertaining feud every now and again? Drake can now say that he has contributed to the “classic” form of entertainment. Surprisingly, a hip-hop legend in his own right, Common has decided to take a jab at the Canadian superstar on the remix of “Stay Schemin” which is a track off of Rick Ross’s newest mixtape. Common began the feud with Drake when using antagonistic lyrics on “Sweet”, a track off of his newest release, “The Dreamer/The Believer”. Common goes head on with a vivid description of the rapper in the remix calling Drake an Amateur Guy and Canada dry. He ended his verse by stating, “Make no mistake, I’m talking to Drake. This is the remix.” There’s no clarity on why Common is attacking the Young Money superstar, but one thing’s for certain, it’s bound to get interesting.  Listen to the “Stay Schemin” Remix by Rick Ross ft. Drake, Common, and French Montana below.

Tweet Talk: Do you think Common is being too harsh or do you think this whooping is for Drake’s own good? 

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Your Favorite Rapper – LAWS

Photo by Melva Rae

While attending the Tree Sounds Fashion Show event, my ears were graced with a sound that was leaving them wanting more. This sound came from Hip-Hop J.U.S.T.I.C.E League recording artist Laws. I was compelled by his lyrical content, unique delivery and captivating stage presence. I knew that no ear should be un touched by his music and that I wanted to know more about this rising star. Aspire Online Magazine and The High Up were able to catch up with Laws recently at his studio to talk about his amazing talent, his journey, and his upcoming mix tape, “Your Future Favorite Rapper: Vol. II”.

THU:  So I heard that you were born in Brazil. Can you tell us more about where you grew up?

LAWS:  I was born in Brazil and raised in New York and moved to Tampa, Florida in high school.

THU: How was the move from New York to Tampa, Florida for you?

LAWS:  It was tough. We moved in the summer time so I didn’t know anyone and didn’t get the chance to meet anybody since school was out.  That’s actually when I picked up rap.

THU:  Who are your musical influences in Hip Hop?

LAWS:  My musical influences in Hip-Hop are Big Pun, Eminem, Mos Def, Jay-Z, and Nas.

THU:  How would you categorize your music in Hip-Hop?

LAWS:   It would probably fit in the category of lyrical more for the content but not meaning that I put 150 words over one beat. While its lyrical, you can also dance to my music so I would call it Lyrical Dance. Music that will not only tell you a story but also keeps you moving in the club.

THU:  If you could collaborate with anyone, not just HIP-HOP, who would it be?

LAWS:  I would like to work with Adele, Tom York of Radio Head, and Nikkiya.

THU:  I read that you started participating in free style battles in Florida. Tell me more about how you got started.

LAWS:  I started battling at 15 years old. We actually went to the club and used fake I.D’s to get in. It was before 8 Mile came out and battling was a big thing. It’s like I just had to take the chance and see if I could do it.

THU:  Tell me about the time you were invited to your first major radio station and getting your first single played on the air. I read that you were invited with the winner and the winner didn’t show up and you were given the chance to play your song on the radio.

LAWS: You know about that?! (laughs) Yes. I was in a battle and I actually lost. I was invited to the radio station with the winner and the winner didn’t show up so I took that chance to play them my single on the air. That was actually my first relationship with a radio station. It was my first major connect.

THU:  How did you link up with J.U.S.T.I.C.E League?

LAWS:  It was in 2007 and I was doing freestyle battles and had released a project with Rawkus Records, which didn’t really do too much and they heard my music from that project. They saw me perform when I was opening up for KRS One. I ended up working with them for like a year. This is when I learned how to craft my lyrics into songs because free styling is way different from putting a song together. They basically worked with me and molded me. They became great friends of mine and even took me in for two years to help me grow as an artist.

THU:  I really enjoyed you on stage. Do you have a persona or alter ego that hits the stage other than yourself?

LAWS:  When I write to a beat, its like making love or at times doing it rough. When I’m on stage, its like I’m destroying the beat from the inside out. I really just lose myself in the moment and have fun with it. I really don’t remember what I did afterward because I was so into it.

THU:  You had a unique name for your mixtape called 4:57. Can you tell us the story behind that?

LAWS:  Yes. Well I used to work at a hospital in Florida. Well, two actually, and I would always want to be out of there at 5:00 on the dot so I would clock out at 4:57. One of my co-workers at the time told me that I should name my album 4:57. This was actually a year before it was released and so naming it that was actually like paying homage to her.

THU: So what’s next for LAWS?

LAWS:  Another mixed tape. The next mixtape will be “Your Future Favorite Rapper: Vol. II” which is a follow up to my last mixtape “Your Future Favorite Rapper”.

THU: If you could describe LAWS in two words, what would those be?

LAWS:  Rebel and Music

THU:  What advice would you give to the aspiring artist who is looking to be in your shoes one day?

LAWS:  Be patient, practice a lot, give up your personal life because you will have to, and dedicate yourself to this.

It is obvious that the LAWS movement is about to take over. We at Aspire Online Magazine and The High Up will be keeping you updated with the newest on LAWS and his amazing music and are excited to see what’s next for this gifted artist. To learn more about Laws, visit his website at and follow him on Twitter @lawshiphop.

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter!

OUTMOR: Outkast-Morcheeba Mixtape Mash


After years of listening to The Grey Album (Jay-Z & The Beatles), The Brown album (Jay-Z & Kev Brown), Jaydiohead (Jay-Z & Radiohead), American Thriller (Jay-Z & Michael Jackson), etc etc etc. I decided to put my turntables toward the task of honoring arguably the greatest duo in hip hop history, Outkast, with a mixtape/mash worthy of their status; but who to blend them with was the question.


One night while revisiting Morcheeba’s albums Charango and Who Can You Trust? I decided it would be amazing and well worth the effort to merge the music and vocals of the two giants. [OUTMOR] is the result of that effort. [OUTMOR] pushes the music in different and interesting directions and hopes to give fans of both Outkast and Morcheeba, and people unfamiliar with either something to chill out, nod their heads and speed on the highway to.

As always the mix is free but if you want to donate to the cause the only thing I turn down is my collar. You can donate at under 😉 No amount is too small. Cheers.

The link to listen to or download the mix is:

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Coming to the “Stage”… Lauryn Hill!

The intriguing singer, songwriter and former actress who more than a decade ago took hip hop by storm while sweeping 5 Grammys for her unforgettable lyrical masterpiece The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, is gracing fans with her presence as she kicks off a 17 city tour on December 27th. Ms. Hill will be performing at Center Stage Theater on January 14th in Atlanta. Tickets went on sale today and are rumored to be sold out. Not surprising. My crew is already scrambling to see if we can land an exclusive interview…we’ll keep you posted! Now, my favorite musical collaboration of all time has to be ‘Nothing Even Matters’ with Lauryn and D’Angelo. This song is super sexy, raw and an undeniable classic. Every time I hear it I reflect upon my freshman year at Tennessee State University. Those were the days! All I can say is “welcome back Lauryn. We hope you’re here to stay.” 🙂

-N. Renee

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