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NEW GROOVES: All B.O.B. Sees Is “Strange Clouds”

With his long range of music capabilities, we never know what to expect next from B.O.B. At one moment he may provide an inspirational anthem such as “Airplanes” or a pop classic such as “Nothing on You” and then turn around with a Hip-Hop hit like “Bet I” while continuing to capture our interest in his talent and personality. Unlike his last album opener, B.O.B has returned with the highly energized Hip-Hop party song “Strange Clouds” with the help of Lil Wayne released on September 27th. I wouldn’t be surprised if this became another club anthem. With the anticipation of his sophomore release, I am quite certain this will keep the listeners anxious to hear what he has in store for the sound waves next.  “Strange Clouds” ft. Lil Wayne is now available on Itunes at id467890644.webloc.

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter!


NEW GROOVES: “Cole World, The Sideline Story” Album Review

If you believed that HIP-HOP was dead, J.Cole has revitalized it with his new release “COLE WORLD: THE SIDELINE STORY”. The first signee to Jay Z’s ROC NATION Label surfaced when featured on Jay Z’s Blueprint 3 single “A Star is Born”.  With Jay-Z’s stamp of approval, word of this talented lyricist rapidly grew. After numerous impressive mix-tapes, J Cole’s debut album , “Cole World: The Sideline Story”, is finally here. Released on Sept. 27th, J. Cole presents an effortless classic that touches on numerous topics. J Cole’s lyrical delivery over driving instrumentals helps you navigate through the album with out any want or need to stop or skip over any elements. Because of this rare quality, it is difficult for me to choose a favorite track, however, if I had to choose the title track “Cole World”,  “Lost Ones”, and “Nobody’s Perfect” ft Missy Elliot would easily make the cut.  Throughout the project he tells the sideline story of signing to a major label and all the things that come with it. From the quality of this project, I am sure that this North Carolina based lyricist will be making history with his debut. id464427218.webloc.

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter!

NEW GROOVES: “Body and Soul” Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett Duet

It’s never easy to look at what could’ve been but we are fortunate to have a priceless moment frozen in time. On the day that she would’ve celebrated her 28th birthday  a video of Amy Winehouse’s last recording with Tony Bennett was released called “Body and Soul”.

In this video clip, Amy sounds amazing and is able to blend perfectly with the Jazz legend. Despite many assumptions and reports, Amy looked healthy and fulfilled at the time. I am sure that this video will go down in history as a classic.  Her unique voice is something that will be hard to emulate but easy to distinguish in many years to come.  As a music fan, this is the perfect way to remember the remarkable talent of Amy Winehouse. Check out the video below.

-Amadi Jae for AOM and The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter.

NEWS WORTHY: Lil’ Wayne Does It Again

It’s always uplifting to be a witness to continued success and to see one of our fellow young professionals excelling in their craft. We’ve been afforded a second opportunity to observe as Lil Wayne beats the odds of a declining economy and industry by selling a million albums in the first week with his recent release “Tha Carter IV” As I read reviews and comments regarding this new milestone, many raised the question, “why?”.  While this question continues to be raised, I would like to open up the floor for discussion.

  • Do you agree that this accomplishment was deserved?
  • How do you feel about the direction music is taking?
  • Last but not least, if you don’t like the direction, what are you, as the consumer, going to do to change it?

Selling a million records in the first week with two albums consecutively only leaves me with one thing to say. Congratulations! He must be doing something right.

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The “HIGH UP”. Follow @AmadiJae >>

NEW GROOVES: Mary J. Blige “25/8”

For almost a year, the sound waves were deprived from the authentic music of Mary J. Blige. Our ears were pleased to hear her passionate delivery and raw approach blast through the speakers with her single “Looking for Love” ft. P.Diddy and Lil Wayne earlier this year. Now the Queen of Soul has returned with the second single to her highly anticipated album release “My Life II: The Journey Continues” called “25/8”, which bridges the gap between the past and the present effortlessly with music that not only entices the ear but energizes the soul.  The lyrics speak to anyone who has ever loved someone and longing to spend eternity with them. We’ve grown with Mary through her heartaches, life triumphs, and discoveries.  With her selfless vulnerability, we can’t help but feel the love and joy that she expresses through her new single.  Although all the classic Mary J. Blige elements are present in “25/8” to grab you, there are other moments in the song that may knock you off course from where it first hoped to take you. However, after listening to this song the second time around, the weak portions were over shadowed by the energetic instrumental, which gave the song a chance to grow on me.  I recommend listening to  “25/8” more than once. The more you listen, the more it will gravitate you.  As a fan of Mary J. Blige’s, I can only hope that “My Life II: The Journey Continues” will be able to take me to that familiar destination of musical satisfaction on its projected release September 20th, 2011.  Mary J. Blige’s new single, “25/8” is now available on ITunes to download.

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The “HIGH UP”. Follow @AmadiJae >>

OUTMOR: Outkast-Morcheeba Mixtape Mash


After years of listening to The Grey Album (Jay-Z & The Beatles), The Brown album (Jay-Z & Kev Brown), Jaydiohead (Jay-Z & Radiohead), American Thriller (Jay-Z & Michael Jackson), etc etc etc. I decided to put my turntables toward the task of honoring arguably the greatest duo in hip hop history, Outkast, with a mixtape/mash worthy of their status; but who to blend them with was the question.


One night while revisiting Morcheeba’s albums Charango and Who Can You Trust? I decided it would be amazing and well worth the effort to merge the music and vocals of the two giants. [OUTMOR] is the result of that effort. [OUTMOR] pushes the music in different and interesting directions and hopes to give fans of both Outkast and Morcheeba, and people unfamiliar with either something to chill out, nod their heads and speed on the highway to.

As always the mix is free but if you want to donate to the cause the only thing I turn down is my collar. You can donate at under 😉 No amount is too small. Cheers.

The link to listen to or download the mix is:

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