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HIGH Praise: Jay-Z Dedicates Song To Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy is “daddy’s little girl” and Jay-Z is proud to tell the world. On Monday, January 9th, Hov released a new song titled “Glory” ft. B.I.C (Blue Ivy Carter) to pay tribute to his daughter. Over a somber track, the song attests to a father’s love for his daughter stating,

“The most amazing feeling I feel/ Words can’t describe what a feeling, for real/ Baby I’ll paint the sky blue/ My greatest creation was you.”

The proud father continues by letting the world know that Part Two is here.

“I wreak havoc on the world, get ready for part two, a younger smarter faster me, so a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of Bey. Glory.” He continues by stating, “You’re a child of destiny. You’re the child of my destiny. You’re my child with the child from Destiny’s Child. That’s a hell of a recipe.”

That is definitely quite a hell of a recipe and because of this, Blue Ivy has been in the media ever since her birth this past Saturday. With this baby’s destiny bound for the spotlight, we will be sure to see her follow in her parents’ footsteps. Hov gave us a glimpse of the future by debuting his little girl at the end of the song. Listen closely and you can hear the little Ivy making precious baby noises and crying as the song concludes.  Listen to the song, “Glory” below and let us know your take on this heartfelt tribute.

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BREAKING NEWS: Beyonce & Jay-Z Welcome Ivy Blue!

We recently reported our top moments of 2011. At the top of our list was the priceless moment when Beyonce revealed her baby bump to the world on MTV’s Video Music Awards. I believe we have now witnessed one of the top moments of 2012! Ever since the big “reveal”, we have been waiting for the moment that the super couple’s (husband Jay-Z) first child arrived and……without further ado, SHE is finally here!

According to the NY Daily News, an extremely pregnant Beyonce checked into the Upper East Side Hospital Friday night under the alias “Ingrid Jackson”, a hospital staffer told the Daily News.

Beyonce and Jay-Z rented out the hospital’s entire fourth floor for 1.3 million to assure that no images of their bundle of joy were captured. To insure discretion, hospital workers placed tape over security cameras and forced employees to turn in cell phones when they arrived for their shifts, the source said.

Several security guards were spotted patrolling the outer premises Saturday night. A Lenox Hill staffer confirmed that a patient by the name of “Ingrid Jackson” was in a “labor room”.

The super couple has reportedly given birth to a baby girl and has named their little princess Ivy Blue Carter. Congratulations to the Carters on their new addition!

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Flashback High: 2011 In Review

From the numerous baby announcements to the birth of iconic music, we can all agree that there hasn’t been a dull moment in the world of entertainment in 2011. Before we leap into the exciting possibilities of the New Year, it is best that we reflect on the priceless memories we’ve left in the previous year. Below are my top most memorable moments of 2011:

 1.    The Baby Bump Heard Around The World

There are a few moments in Pop Culture history where you can remember the exact thing you were doing. The second Beyonce revealed her baby bump on the MTV awards during her “Love on Top” performance, I knew that this would qualify as one of those moments. I remember sitting in front of my laptop trying to pick up the online live feed to capture the awards since I was having cable trouble at the time. Thankfully, it decided to work at that very moment. Twitter was flooded with comments and on the verge of crashing down the popular social platform. This was the baby bump heard around the world. I believe in 2012, we will be fighting for a chance to see the arrival of the precious new born of the power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. In 2011 we also witnessed baby announcements from Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff who are both expecting their babies to arrive any day now.


2. The Unveiling of “Dem Babies”

This year was the year of the baby. After keeping us on our toes for six months, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey revealed their twins, Morracon and Monroe in class with Barber Walters on “20/20”. Watch this momentous occasion below. Other couples to bring children into the world in 2011 were Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz and Pink and husband Carey Hart to name a few.

3. Occupy The World

We witnessed a movement in 2011 that demanded attention. The “Occupy” movement showed the frustrations of the working class around the United States and the world. Troubled with the knowledge that the middle class and poor were suffering so that the rich could maintain their wealth pushed many to take action. I had the pleasure of witnessing this movement first hand in Occupy Atlanta. As the knowledge of this movement grew, celebrities showed up to the various sites across the country to show support. Below are a couple of photos captured of Occupy Wall Street supporters.

Actress Susan Sarandon With OWS Supporters


Russell Simmons & Kanye West


4. Music Takes A Turn For The Better

There is no denying that music foreshadowed a shift during the year of 2011. It looks like we are on the road to pure emotion, in depth lyrics and storytelling, and creative instrumentation. We were given a hint when the amazing jazz vocalist and bassist, Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist during this year’s Grammy ceremonies. Considered an independent artist, this was the least expected choice but the most deserving. Not as much of a shocker but equally deserved, Adele landed the highest selling album in the U.S of the year with her sophomore release, “21”. A masterpiece to say the least with vulnerable vocals and emotion throughout the album and instrumentation that vibrated through the soul. If this is any hint of what may seep into the New Year, the sound waves will truly be music to my ears.

Esperanza Spalding - The Next

Adele -


Looking back on all the moments that we’ve witnessed in 2011, there are too many to list on one page. I am thankful that we were able to witness these moments to be able to one-day say, “ I remember when…” As the clock struck twelve and 2011 became a thing of the past, we are now able to take what we’ve learned and experienced with us so that the best days of our past can be the lowest we see in the future. Happy New Year to you and yours from the Aspire Online Media family!

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NEW GROOVES: Beyonce’s Love On Top Video

Without allowing any anticipation, Beyonce has returned with a follow up video to her controversial “Countdown”. Paying homage to the legendary 1980’s group, New Edition, the “Love On Top” video scenes resemble those of the group’s “If It Isn’t Love” video dancing with five male back up singers with similar choreography. In this video, we got to witness a rare occasion of her performing in sneakers. A seamless performance piece, I am sure that we will hear nothing but praises from New Edition and viewers worldwide. Watch Beyonce’s “Love on Top” video below and stay tuned for more entertainment news.

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WHAT’S NEW: Beyonce Is Accused Of Plagiarism

It looks like someone is accusing Beyonce of plagiarism yet again. This time it isn’t for claiming to have written a song that she never even thought of before singing it. A week after releasing the video for her single “Countdown” Beyonce has attracted more than 1.6 Million viewers. She has also attracted plagiarism accusations for copied dance moves. Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker claims that Beyonce has crossed the line by copying her moves. In a recent statement, the choreographer adamantly defended herself:

“ This is plagiarism… This is stealing. What’s rude about it is that they don’t even bother about hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it’s a famous work.”

A video appeared on YouTube the same day as the premier of “Countdown” showing the similarities in the choreography which has already accumulated over 255,000 views and is rapidly growing. On this subject, I thought it would be best to allow you, the reader, to be the judge. Do you see any similarities or parallels?

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