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HIGH Note: Amber Rose Sings About Fame!

Amber Rose is showing the world that there is more to her than a romantic story for the tabloids. Not only is she a model, it seems that she has talents that we were unaware of. Well Amber is ensuring that we know them all by debuting her first single, “Fame” featuring her current love interest Wiz Khalifa. In the song “Fame”, she speaks about the sudden effects of stardom.  This song is reminiscent of a softer version of “Barbie Girl” performed by one hit wonder, Aqua. Singing over a sunny track produced by Grand Staff producers KQuick and Fresh 2 Def, Rose attempts to showcase her soft vocals in a playful manner. The hook states, “Now You’re ready for the fame”.  Whether you agree that Amber Rose is ready for musical stardom or not, Khalifa does.  Wiz Khalifa posted a link to the new track on Twitter Tuesday with the caption, “Now You’re Ready.”  Listen to her debut single, “Fame” below.  Is Amber Rose ready for this side of fame?  Let us know your thoughts!

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HIGH Praise: Jay-Z Dedicates Song To Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy is “daddy’s little girl” and Jay-Z is proud to tell the world. On Monday, January 9th, Hov released a new song titled “Glory” ft. B.I.C (Blue Ivy Carter) to pay tribute to his daughter. Over a somber track, the song attests to a father’s love for his daughter stating,

“The most amazing feeling I feel/ Words can’t describe what a feeling, for real/ Baby I’ll paint the sky blue/ My greatest creation was you.”

The proud father continues by letting the world know that Part Two is here.

“I wreak havoc on the world, get ready for part two, a younger smarter faster me, so a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of Bey. Glory.” He continues by stating, “You’re a child of destiny. You’re the child of my destiny. You’re my child with the child from Destiny’s Child. That’s a hell of a recipe.”

That is definitely quite a hell of a recipe and because of this, Blue Ivy has been in the media ever since her birth this past Saturday. With this baby’s destiny bound for the spotlight, we will be sure to see her follow in her parents’ footsteps. Hov gave us a glimpse of the future by debuting his little girl at the end of the song. Listen closely and you can hear the little Ivy making precious baby noises and crying as the song concludes.  Listen to the song, “Glory” below and let us know your take on this heartfelt tribute.

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WHAT’S NEW: T-Pain Sets December Release For New Album

On this past Thursday, R&B artist T-Pain announced that his upcoming album, “rEVOLVEr” will be released on December 6th just in time to fit right under the  Christmas tree. “rEVOLVEr “ , the fourth release from the rapper/singer, will include the platinum-selling “ Best Love Song” featuring Chris Brown, and his current single “5 O’clock”, featuring Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa. Known for his heavy use of auto-tune, T-Pain has vowed that he would stay away from his trademark on this upcoming album. I am not sure if we can remember a song that the rapper/singer has not used with the notable voice effect. I am interested to see the star’s approach his new album.  T-Pain is currently on the road  supporting Chris Brown on his “’F.A.M.E.” tour until November. We will keep you updated on  T-Pain and his upcoming  project.

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NEW GROOVES: Hamilton Park’s Debut EP

It looks like R&B music is making a come back with Atlanta based group, Hamilton Park. With hiatus from groups such as Jagged Edge, we have been longing for an ensemble like Hamilton Park that delivers pure R&B and “baby making” music. Throughout the self-titled EP, I was taken back to the essence of the 90’s when R&B dominated the airwaves and not only was the music during that era enticing melodically, it was also accompanied by pure and raw emotion. Hamilton Park’s vocal ability and unique harmonies are the icing on the cake. Songs such as “Thing Called Us” which was released as a single earlier this year, is providing a declaration of change from a man only thinking of himself and being more considerate of the relationship as a whole, which any woman in a relationship would love to hear from her other half. The remake of Guy’s “Piece of My Love” was done with excellence by Hamilton Park, providing reminiscent moments in the song as well as intriguing changes that put an original spin on the classic. They topped off the refreshing release with the bonus track “Computer Lover”, which has become a favorite selection from the EP. We are looking forward to seeing more from this refreshing group, Hamilton Park. The self-titled EP is available now for download on iTunes.

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NEW GROOVES: Evanescence Returns With Self-Titled Third Album

Evanescence does it again with their self-titled album released Tuesday October 11th.  This album provides a clean listen all the way through with the classic Evanescence sound. They never fail to miss a beat and every emotion is touched. I’ve never found a moment in their career that I have been left disappointed sonically and they continue that with this release.  A few songs that have stuck out to me on the album are “Erase This” which has an enticing melody and an energy that matches up with the theme and lyrics throughout. The somber sound of “Lost in Paradise” takes me to this place of meditation with the cello solo at the beginning as Amy Lee sings of desperation and wanting to love this person. I also enjoy the concept of “Oceans” as Amy asks the subject to “cross the ocean in my mind”. Overall this album is a must listen. EVENESCENCE is available now on iTunes and in stores nation wide.

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