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HIGH Event: Healthcare Foundation Awards $157,000 To The Center For Black Women’s Wellness

Ann Booth-Barbarin, Treasurer at the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation; Jemea Dorsey, CEO of the Center for Black Women's Wellness; Tanya Hairston-Whitner, Chair of the Center for Black Women's Wellness Board at the AstraZeneca check presentation. Photo:

FEBRUARY 23, 2012 (Atlanta, GA) – The AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation program, Connections for Cardiovascular Health, held a press conference on Tuesday morning to award a grant of more than $157,698 to the Center for Black Women’s Wellness (CBWW) in Atlanta to create the Healthy Women 4 Healthy Families program.

Healthy Women 4 Healthy Families strives to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and its associated risks among underserved, low-income African-American women who have borderline high levels of cholesterol, have a family history of early heart disease, or who are overweight or obese. The program increases their access to innovative and culturally effective interventions related to nutrition, weight and stress management, thereby improving health outcomes.

Among the Atlanta city officials to attend the press conference to congratulate Jemea Dorsey, CEO of CBWW, were Kathy Ashe, State Representative District #56; Margaret Kaiser, State Representative District #59; Pat Gardner, State Representative District #57 and Councilmember Cleta Winslow.

CBWW serves uninsured women throughout metro Atlanta, with keen interest in nine neighborhoods immediately south of downtown Atlanta, which have poor health outcomes. The proposed program will include culturally appropriate interventions including nutrition, fitness and stress management to address these issues.

Weekly HIGH: Your Dose Of Entertainment News!

The first week in the new year was pretty interesting to say the least. They say that the way you start your year is the way you end it. From Twitter rants and lawsuits to restraining orders, we hope from the look of this week’s highlights, this isn’t true.

To start off on a good note, we are all aware of the great news that the Queen of Soul provided to us in the New Year. Aretha Franklin has confirmed that she is marrying longtime confidant Willie Wilkinson. Along with the excitement of an engagement comes the excitement of planning a wedding. Aretha Franklin revealed a few items on her wish list last week. She revealed to the Associated Press that she would like to have all the creative control over the planning of her wedding.

“ You know I am very hands-on. There is no way in the world anyone else could do my wedding other than myself, along with whomever I select to do various things.”

Aretha hopes to have her wedding gown made by either Donna Karan or Vera Wang who are classic choices.

“I’d love to see what they would do custom for me without me saying anything. They’re known for kick butt dresses,” she said. She continued to talk about her entertainment, adding Smokey Robinson, Karen Clark and Stevie Wonder to her wish list.

Well we are sure that Aretha Franklin’s wedding will be a moment to remember. We are looking forward to seeing the pictures from this beautiful moment. Congratulations again to Aretha Franklin and Willie Wilkinson!

Well there is a price for fame and for Wiz Khalifa it’s 2.3 million. Khalifa started the year off being served with a lawsuit. Pittsburgh rapper, Wax Warren, is suing Wiz Khalifa for $2.3 million over allegations that he stole his hit “Black and Yellow.”

In the world of copyrighting, its first come first served. According to Warren, he was first to copyright his song, “Pink N Yellow” in 2008. Khalifa copyrighted “Black and Yellow” in 2011.

According to, the copyright infringement lawsuit was filed in federal court in Philadelphia and seeks at least $2.3 million in damages. It names Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomas, two other songwriters and several record companies and music publishers, including PGH Sound, EMI Music Publishing, Rostrum Records, Warner Music Group and Atlantic Recording Corporation.

Taking a listen to both songs, there’s not much similarity that stands out. The refrain for “Pink N Yellow” and “Black and Yellow” is similar in rhythm patterns, but the tracks and melodies are pretty distinguished. Take a listen to both songs and you be the judge. Tweet Talk: Is this a suit that will hold up in court? Hit me up @AmadiJae.

Kanye didn’t take the Twitter lesson that we shared last week to heart. Being pretty expressive about fame and his new company, Kanye West took to the popular social media outlet to express himself. Most of his rant was his frustration with the fashion industry and the excitement about his new venture. At times, though, the rant did become very informative.

One thing that he revealed that is very exciting to hear is that he has started a new business, DONDA. He provided only a few details on Twitter this past week.

“I have started a new company and I’m so excited about the name… it’s got the best name ever of all companies of all time!!!! The name of the company is DONDA. DONDA is a design company, which will galvanize amazing thinkers and put them in a creative space to bounce their dreams and ideas. DONDA will be comprised of over 22 divisions with a goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford.” He continues by stating, “I want to put creatives in a room together with like minds that are all waaaayy doper than me. This will all take time but I wanted everyone to know what I really care about… I care about people. I care about my fans.”

He provided contact information if you are interested in working for his new endeavor.

“If anyone would like to reach out email us at”

Kanye provided his thoughts on education before finally ending his passionate rant.

“Help education. School systems were designed to turn people into factory workers. Math classes should teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, accounting and money management aaaaaaannd cut!!! UNLESS YOU’RE A MATH MAJOR!!! Kids you should be able to take majors starting in grammar school like how it is at performing art schools”.

Whether you agree with Kanye’s views or not, it is great to see someone with such passion.

Selena Gomez started off the year with a victory. A victory that may have saved her life on January 6th, the singer-actress was granted peace of mind when a civil judge ruled on a three-year restraining order against the man who had threatened to kill her and had attempted to meet her in the past.

By receiving this restraining order, 46-year old Thomas Brodnicki is to stay away from Selena Gomez and not make any attempt to contact her.

This order also protects the singer-actress’s family. The 19-year old star did not appear in court during the hearing on Wednesday, January 5th. She instead wrote in a declaration filed in October that she was in extreme fear after learning that the 46 year-old defendant had threatened to kill her while on a psychiatric hold.

We are happy to know that the law has worked in Selena’s favor. We wish Ms. Gomez and her family much success and “peace of mind” in the future.

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HIGH Calling: Justin Bieber Speaks On Religion

Justin Bieber is truly a believer and isn’t ashamed to tell the world about it. Justin opened up to V Magazine about his religious beliefs.

“A lot of people who are religious, I think they get lost. They go to church just to go to church. I’m not trying to disrespect them, but for me, I focus more on praying and talking to Him,” the Biebs explained in the issue, according to the Winnipeg Free Press. “I don’t have to go to church.”

Breaking the rules of the norm, the pop superstar thanked God when accepting the Moon Man at the 2011 VMAs for best male video, “U Smile”, stating, “ I just want to say thank you so much, not only to God but to Jesus, because I wouldn’t be here without Him. He’s really blessed me. He’s put me in this position. So I want to say thank you so much.”

Justin Bieber is the first star in a long time that has been so expressive and open about his religion. The issue hit newsstands today. In the issue, Bieber also discusses his rise to fame stating, “ Now that I’m on top, everyone wants to bring me down. Everyone’s trying to tug at me and take my spot. Like Floyd Mayweather, he’s the best boxer in the world. Now he is a champion. Every time he goes to a fight now, people are like, ‘He’s going to lose this time.’”

Although many are tugging at the Biebs, we are sure that he won’t succumb to them any time soon.  If he continues to keep his beliefs as his main focus, he will continue to soar to heights that he never thought he could reach. He’s currently recording his next album, “Believe”, set for release later this year.

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BREAKING NEWS: Beyonce & Jay-Z Welcome Ivy Blue!

We recently reported our top moments of 2011. At the top of our list was the priceless moment when Beyonce revealed her baby bump to the world on MTV’s Video Music Awards. I believe we have now witnessed one of the top moments of 2012! Ever since the big “reveal”, we have been waiting for the moment that the super couple’s (husband Jay-Z) first child arrived and……without further ado, SHE is finally here!

According to the NY Daily News, an extremely pregnant Beyonce checked into the Upper East Side Hospital Friday night under the alias “Ingrid Jackson”, a hospital staffer told the Daily News.

Beyonce and Jay-Z rented out the hospital’s entire fourth floor for 1.3 million to assure that no images of their bundle of joy were captured. To insure discretion, hospital workers placed tape over security cameras and forced employees to turn in cell phones when they arrived for their shifts, the source said.

Several security guards were spotted patrolling the outer premises Saturday night. A Lenox Hill staffer confirmed that a patient by the name of “Ingrid Jackson” was in a “labor room”.

The super couple has reportedly given birth to a baby girl and has named their little princess Ivy Blue Carter. Congratulations to the Carters on their new addition!

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NEWS ON HIGH: Nick Cannon Is Coming Home!

The first week of 2012 has been a little rocky for Nick Cannon. As reported earlier this week, Nick Cannon was admitted into the hospital in Aspen, Colorado over the New Year for “mild kidney failure”. His wife, Mariah Carey, took to Twitter to ask everyone to keep him and their family in their thoughts and prayers.

On Friday, Mariah’s prayers were answered. She posted a Twitter message stating, “Nick is in stable condition with a good prognosis; hopefully he’ll be discharged within 2 days. As always he’s laughing and in good spirits.”

Cannon was transferred from Colorado to a Los Angeles hospital on Thursday. We hope for a continued recovery for Nick Cannon and we will continue to keep his family in our thoughts during this time.

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WEEKLY HIGH: A Dose Of Entertainment

It seems like this past week in entertainment was the season to be jolly, get engaged, release new music, and announce the album queen of the year!

Two days after Christmas, B.O.B served us up with a late Christmas gift with his second single, “Play the Guitar” featuring Andre 3000. Before listening to the song, you already have an ounce of excitement knowing that your ears will be graced with the voice of hip-hop veteran Andre 3000. As soon as the beat starts your involuntary head bob begins. There’s no miss with this song. B.O.B has taken his craft to the next level. This song shows us that he has truly found his sound, perfectly mixing the Hip-Hop ingredients with rock spices. Andre 3000 puts the icing on the cake and takes it home for their listeners. Take a listen below and let us know what you think.

Tis’ the perfect season to pop the question! John Legend was elated to hear the answer, “Yes” from model Chrissy Teigen.  “The lovely couple got engaged over the holidays while vacationing in the Maldives,” the R&B singer’s rep, Cindi Berger confirmed to People Magazine. It’s always refreshing to see the love of two people grow into a beautiful commitment such as marriage. I am looking forward to seeing the wedding photos in the near future. The High Up and Aspire Online Media family congratulate the couple on their engagement.

It is no surprise who the crowned queen of 2011 music is. Adele conquered music in 2011 with her album “21”. In every artist’s career, they dread the possibility of a sophomore slump. Released in February, Adele’s album defied those odds and soared into iconic horizons. In barely 11 months, she has sold more than any artist in the world, currently stepping into 13 million albums sold worldwide. Her songs express the stories of a heart that had been broken accompanied by a rare and authentic voice and delivery. She is truly one of a kind. Although she has experienced trials with her voice throughout the year, forcing her at times to cancel shows and tours, she has still managed to take the number one slot effortlessly. With no hesitation, I can say that she will be here for years to come. We can only hope that she has a successful recovery that will keep her where she belongs – on stage and in our hearts.

With the New Year upon us full throttle, we are curious to see how HIGH entertainment and music will take us in the coming months. Keep it plugged for more entertainment and music news right here at The HIGH UP.

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Flashback High: 2011 In Review

From the numerous baby announcements to the birth of iconic music, we can all agree that there hasn’t been a dull moment in the world of entertainment in 2011. Before we leap into the exciting possibilities of the New Year, it is best that we reflect on the priceless memories we’ve left in the previous year. Below are my top most memorable moments of 2011:

 1.    The Baby Bump Heard Around The World

There are a few moments in Pop Culture history where you can remember the exact thing you were doing. The second Beyonce revealed her baby bump on the MTV awards during her “Love on Top” performance, I knew that this would qualify as one of those moments. I remember sitting in front of my laptop trying to pick up the online live feed to capture the awards since I was having cable trouble at the time. Thankfully, it decided to work at that very moment. Twitter was flooded with comments and on the verge of crashing down the popular social platform. This was the baby bump heard around the world. I believe in 2012, we will be fighting for a chance to see the arrival of the precious new born of the power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. In 2011 we also witnessed baby announcements from Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff who are both expecting their babies to arrive any day now.


2. The Unveiling of “Dem Babies”

This year was the year of the baby. After keeping us on our toes for six months, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey revealed their twins, Morracon and Monroe in class with Barber Walters on “20/20”. Watch this momentous occasion below. Other couples to bring children into the world in 2011 were Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz and Pink and husband Carey Hart to name a few.

3. Occupy The World

We witnessed a movement in 2011 that demanded attention. The “Occupy” movement showed the frustrations of the working class around the United States and the world. Troubled with the knowledge that the middle class and poor were suffering so that the rich could maintain their wealth pushed many to take action. I had the pleasure of witnessing this movement first hand in Occupy Atlanta. As the knowledge of this movement grew, celebrities showed up to the various sites across the country to show support. Below are a couple of photos captured of Occupy Wall Street supporters.

Actress Susan Sarandon With OWS Supporters


Russell Simmons & Kanye West


4. Music Takes A Turn For The Better

There is no denying that music foreshadowed a shift during the year of 2011. It looks like we are on the road to pure emotion, in depth lyrics and storytelling, and creative instrumentation. We were given a hint when the amazing jazz vocalist and bassist, Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist during this year’s Grammy ceremonies. Considered an independent artist, this was the least expected choice but the most deserving. Not as much of a shocker but equally deserved, Adele landed the highest selling album in the U.S of the year with her sophomore release, “21”. A masterpiece to say the least with vulnerable vocals and emotion throughout the album and instrumentation that vibrated through the soul. If this is any hint of what may seep into the New Year, the sound waves will truly be music to my ears.

Esperanza Spalding - The Next

Adele -


Looking back on all the moments that we’ve witnessed in 2011, there are too many to list on one page. I am thankful that we were able to witness these moments to be able to one-day say, “ I remember when…” As the clock struck twelve and 2011 became a thing of the past, we are now able to take what we’ve learned and experienced with us so that the best days of our past can be the lowest we see in the future. Happy New Year to you and yours from the Aspire Online Media family!

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WHAT’S NEW: Boyz II Men Are Back and All Grown Up

Shawn Stockman was only 18 when he and his fellow band members, Michael McCary, Nathan Morris, and Wanya Morris released “Cooleyhighharmony” in February 1991 via Motown. Their debut and sophomore release, “II” sold a combined 15.6 million copies. The first album’s hit single, “End of the Road,” set a record for longest run atop the Billboard Hot 100 with a 13-week stay in 1992 and “I’ll Make Love to You” topped that with 14 weeks at No. 1. They eventually beat their record again, alongside Mariah Carey with the duet, “One Sweet Day,” staying atop the charts for 16 weeks.

Two decades later, the Boyz are now mature men. spoke to Stockman, now 39 about how’s he changed since his success with Boyz II Men. “Well, I can make love better.” As for the music he continued, “Now, being grown men and having relationships and children, the songs take on a deeper meaning and add something that we wouldn’t have been able to understand if we didn’t experience them.”

That prevalent growth defines “Twenty”, the group’s first U.S. release of new material since 2002. Due Oct. 24th via the act’s own imprint MSM Music Group, and in association with Benchmark, “Twenty” offers the group’s faithful fans a fresh batch of soul, including their first sing “More Than You’ll Ever Know”, which has already sold 15,000 copies.

The act has scored numerous opportunities including a deal with Wal-Mart. The big-box retailer will exclusively feature the physical album, which will be distributed through the Orchard. “Wal-Mart’s got millions of people walking through their stores, and what they’re going to do for us visibility-wise is a huge part of our campaign,” their manager, Marc Offenbach explained.

We are looking forward to seeing more from this legendary group. Listen to their first single, “More Than You’ll Ever Know”.

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WHAT’S NEW: Bon Jovi Opens Charity Restaurant

The legendary Jon Bon Jovi has stepped onto the culinary stage and opened a restaurant, which surprisingly does not list prices on the menu, but only suggested donations to cover the cost of the meal.  The JBJ Soul Kitchen opened this past Wednesday in Red Bank, N.J. The restaurant offers gourmet meals to diners who can either pay a nominal charge or volunteer their time in lieu of payment.

“At a time when one in five households are living at or below the poverty level, and at a time when one out of six Americans are food insecure, this is a restaurant whose time has come,” New Jersey-born Bon Jovi said in a statement.

“This is a place based on and built on community — by and for the community,” he said of the restaurant located in a former mechanic shop.

You do not have to volunteer at the JBJ Soul Kitchen solely to eat there. Volunteering at other local organizations will provide you with a meal as well. The restaurant was created under the rocker’s Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, an anti-poverty charity.

Volunteers earn their meals through food-prep, busing tables or stocking shelves. Cash-paying customers who pay a suggested donation of $20 for a three-course meal are also welcome at the restaurant, which sources ingredients from its own organic gardens, with natural foods also donated by local merchants.

For more information on this unique charity, visit the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation website at


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WHAT’S HAPPENING: Atlanta Hip Hop Day October 22nd & 23rd

(ATL) Hip-Hop Day, the FREE two-day family festival designed to pay tribute to Hip-Hop’s original “Four Elements:” The MC, The DJ, Graffiti Art, & Breakdancing; and also to uplift the community and TO honor Atlanta’s contribution to the Hip-Hop culture on Sat. Oct. 22 & Sun.Oct. 23 at Robert W. Woodruff Park; is the recipient of a Proclamation from Atlanta City Council in recognization of the events wide-ranging capabilities for social change. “Hip-Hop has been a tool vehicle for breaking down racial barriers on a world-wide level. It is also a means for overcoming challenges and a means for encouraging awareness, inspiration and wisdom…” a portion of the Proclamation read. Occupy Atlanta, a local segment of the national Occupy movement which began on Wall St.; which expressed public support of the festival for its community focus and awareness initiatives, released the following statement today: “We are fighting for economic justice, jobs, foreclosure assistance and the homelessness; and Hip-Hop has a strong history of projecting a real voice from the streets, which is what we are all about…lifting the voice of the people.” (Tim Franzen, Occupy Atlanta Spokesman). Occupy Atlanta, which currently resides within Woodruff Park, the location for Hip-Hop Day, has volunteered to remove tents Sat. and Sun. so that events, which include music, food and dynamic speakers, may take place unobstructed. Prominent contributors to Atlanta’s Hip-Hop music scene will by recognized by the Godfather of Hip-Hop, Afrika Bambaataa: Grammy Award winning artist Mike Bigga, SoSo Def Records Founder Jermaine Dupri (representative), Killer Mike, Multi-platinum artist, actor& community supporter, Chris“Ludacris” Bridges, artist and Atlanta legend Kilo Ali; and the popular DJ Jelly. Atlanta’s hottest Hip-Hop Acts & DJ’s includung: Cyhi The Prince, Dolla Boy of Playaz Circle, Rich Kids, Charlie Boy Gang,Slim Dunkin, BFPL, Dru Smith, Da Kid, Money Jay, DJ T-Roc & The RocharderDJs, DJ Knight & Fleet DJs, Hood Rich DJs, along with Slip N Slide Records and Konvict Music.

Visit for more info.