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Highs & Lows: Icons Lost In 2011

Going into a New Year can be a time to set new goals, throw away the old to let in the new, or simply a moment of reflection. We at The High Up and Aspire Online Media would like to take some time to reflect on some of the iconic figures that we lost in 2011.

The world of Music and Entertainment lost a host of talents this past year. Our hearts were broken when we learned of the passing of the musical talents, Amy Winehouse, Heavy D, and Vesta Williams.  In 2011 Hollywood also said goodbye to one of its most beloved icons, Elizabeth Taylor. And the technical world said farewell to a respected pioneer, Steve Jobs. Each of these beautiful souls gave their talents and gifts to the world selflessly and through the timeless moments captured on screen, CD and technical gadgets found in many homes, colleges and offices. They will surely live on forever. To all our readers who lost loved ones and friends in 2011, we would like to send our deepest regret and will continue to keep you in our prayers. Whether prominent icons or people who were closest to us, they will forever stay in our memories and hearts.

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NEW GROOVES: “Body and Soul” Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett Duet

It’s never easy to look at what could’ve been but we are fortunate to have a priceless moment frozen in time. On the day that she would’ve celebrated her 28th birthday  a video of Amy Winehouse’s last recording with Tony Bennett was released called “Body and Soul”.

In this video clip, Amy sounds amazing and is able to blend perfectly with the Jazz legend. Despite many assumptions and reports, Amy looked healthy and fulfilled at the time. I am sure that this video will go down in history as a classic.  Her unique voice is something that will be hard to emulate but easy to distinguish in many years to come.  As a music fan, this is the perfect way to remember the remarkable talent of Amy Winehouse. Check out the video below.

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