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High Price: Twitter Teaches A Hard Lesson

They say a hard head makes for a soft bottom. Could this be the case for celebrities and Twitter? Twitter has become the place where everyone places opinions, inspirational quotes, and expressive frustrations for the world to see. With this new form of “freedom of speech”, we have slowly grasped the concept that there is a time and place for everything. This has been a hard lesson to learn for celebrities in 2011. We’ve witnessed politicians entangled in scams at the hand of Twitter and entertainers losing jobs over angry rants on the site.

When thinking of this lesson, one name resonates at the surface, Charlie Sheen. Although his melt down on Twitter and TV alike became a source of entertainment for onlookers, it led to a slow downfall of a star. His comments quoted on Twitter about the producer of “Two and a Half Men” led to him being fired. Although his actions bared an obvious consequence, actors, musicians, and politicians alike tweeted away with no thought of the impact. We also think about Congressman Anthony Weiner who resigned after a scandal that rooted from a rant on Twitter. With both occurrences, we witnessed these rants on Twitter one day and headlines on the news the next.

Seeing these pitfalls spiral in front of our eyes, the entertainment world and political world alike have begun to learn a valuable lesson. Think before you speak, or in this case, think before you tweet. With this new understanding, celebrities are entering 2012 with a new attitude with and a more professional and cautious approach to the use of their Twitter accounts. Chris Brown, who has expressed his frustration numerous times on Twitter, has deleted all of his tweets from the past. He is now only at 21 tweets; a big difference from what he had before. I am pretty confident that many will follow suit.

Public figure or not, I can agree with this new attitude towards twitter. With this popular tool, we have been given the opportunity to be heard across the globe. It is important to everyone who witnesses your voice soaring into freedom, that it not be used thoughtlessly or abused. So will we see more scandals and controversies at the hand of Twitter in the New Year? I can only hope that the answer is “No”. If a few happen to slip through the cracks, I’m sure that the number will diminish in comparison to 2011.

Let us know your thoughts. Do you think Twitter should be used more cautiously whether a celebrity or not?

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