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Sip, Shop & Give Back! A Big Hit For Emerlyn & Ester

How many of you can say that you shop for a cause? Not many, right? Be honest, Divas. Especially to my shopaholics out there! You know what happens. We go to the mall and we have every intention of buying for our mom or sweetheart, but we see that cute little blouse or those fly jeans and….Ooops! We accidentally slip the card though the machine, and there you have it – shopping with only us in mind.

Well, not all of us are so “self-absorbed”, and I got a chance to see ladies shopping with others in mind, on Tuesday night at an event called Sip, Shop, and Give Back!. This event was hosted by Monyetta Shaw,  Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey. Karli and Brandi are the daughters of Steve Harvey. The event was held at the upscale and very classy boutique, Emerlyn and Ester, owned by Monyetta Shaw (R&B Singer Ne-Yo’s significant other).  Monyetta, who likes to be called Mo’, partnered with a wonderful group called Grow Kids, Inc.  to help raise money and awareness about their organization.

Monyetta (Mo') Shaw - Owner, Emerlyn & Ester Boutique

The event was set up so beautifully! First, it was hosted inside an elegant boutique new to the affluent Buckhead area of Atlanta. Second, the boutique served excited guests champagne and cake pops while they shopped.  Now, before you ask, no, I did not get to sip on the bubbly because I was working! 🙂 Third, the atmosphere was pleasant and guests were in attendance to support a great cause. Yes, although people were shopping possibly for themselves, a part of the proceeds from every single purchase was donated to Grow Kids, Inc. So, shopping for a cause definitely eased that guilty feeling of spoiling yourself.  See the difference?!

Grow Kids, Inc. Founder Menyuan Smith, AOM's T. Monet Sims and Brandi Harvey

There are many great organizations in existence but I am really excited about Grow Kids, Inc., because the founder, Menyuan Smith really ‘gets it’ and in her words, “I believe it really does take a village.”  Menyuan has taken this old African proverb to heart and created a support network for teachers, parents and the community to help promote,  Grow Kid’s motto:  “safe spaces, green places and happy faces for our children.”   Menyuan says, “We grow kids better together!”  I absolutely love it!  One of the organization’s signature events coming up on September 20th is called P.E.A.C.E 4 Preschoolers (Promoting Early Action for Calm Emotions). Menyuan will have all kinds of activities on that day that will involve kids using their hands to create and not to bully or hurt each other. I give my stiletto approval to this organization! Will you volunteer with me on September 20th?

Last but not least, the boutique!! It is not hard at all to spend your money at Emerlyn & Ester. Since Mo’ is the buyer, she picks all the pieces herself and I must say, she does a great job! She has stocked her store with some really great designers from all over like Marc Allison (exclusive jeans to E & E), Melodies, shades by Mary J. Blige and her favorite shoes  by Raphael Young out of Paris. Mo has great style, so you know I had to ask her what is in for the summer.  So, to all my Fashionistas, listen up! Ms. Mo’, says you will need a romper, a pair of Marc Allison jeans – which she swears by, a fly bag, a maxi dress, Melodies shades and you will be up on the latest trends for the summer.  And guess what??! You can find these trendy items at Emerlyn & Ester Boutique. Go check her out and tell her T. Monet sent you!

To see more highlights from the charitable event click here.

-T. Monet is Special Correspondent for AOM & The “HIGH UP”, Photos provided by AOM’s Britt Hutchinson