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WHAT’S NEW: Diddy Apologizes For Ciroc Incident

During this past weekend’s BET Hip Hop Awards weekend in Atlanta, Diddy found himself in an altercation with a non-Ciroc drinker. He began lashing out at the club goer because he was not drinking the liquor that he endorses. This had the potential to become a physical altercation if renowned rapper T.I. had not stepped in to rectify the situation. As many celebrities have done in the past after acting out of character, Diddy took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his apologies for his actions.

Diddy’s apology:

“I’m a child of God and I should be better no matter what someone says to me. I’m sorry for the ignorant way I represented myself and us.”

If this is your first time hearing of this incident, see the video below. We can only hope that after this experience, Diddy has learned from his actions.

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