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An Effectual Evening of Fashion, Networking and Culture

February 3rd 2011 (Atlanta, GA) – Last night, three relatively important

It’s cold and wet outside, but the styles are “crazy hot” inside 200 Office

milestones occurred within a single space in the heart of Metro Atlanta – and only a few handfuls of people where there to experience it. The impact of each, independently, could be powerful and when you connect the proverbial dots, it could prove to be game changing in how business is done in the city’s center.

The Event was hosted by the Atlanta Fashion Industry Meetup (AFIM), which is an organization that was founded to bring together fashion industry professionals for the improvement of industry professionals, relationships, marketing and regional (Atlanta) awareness. Tonight was a milestone celebration of the membership nearing 900 and was appropriately titled “The Nines.” Designers, models, photographers, media and vendors filled the main room to witness the lines of some of the up and coming designers the Southeast U.S. and Caribbean have to offer. For more information about “The Nines” or AFIM, click HERE.

The event was hosted in a new, yet not so new, space located at 200 Peachtree Street , in Atlanta. The former, long time Macy’s Dept Store has

A couple passing by the event, from the street, can’t but watch in amazement of the activity

been renovated to provide an innovative mixed-use retail and entertainment space. 200 Office, located within the historic building, offers economical access to a mobile office concept perfect for entrepreneurs and mobile workers who don’t need the overhead of a “static” office. The feature set includes high-speed internet, mobile work stations, access to the main room and nearly a dozen “private rooms” you can rent as the need presents itself. To read more about this groundbreaking service and offer, click HERE.


Janice Lawrence-Clarke (far right), Founder of CAFÉ 2011 w/ two attendees of the event

The third, and possibly most impactful, of the trio of milestones was the CAFÉ 2011 presentation. This presentation was hosted by JLC Productions – founder of the Caribbean American Fashion Exchange (CAFÉ.) Their primary goal is to facilitate the entry of Caribbean designers, and their lines, into the U.S. Fashion Market via the Atlanta Apparel showings at AmericasMart Atlanta.  This effort should not only showcase the style and creativity of our neighbors to the South, but help to build vital relationships in both Fashion and Business with the talent and resources abroad. A number of the fashions from several of the lines were on display, many of which included the brilliant combination of color and elegance that we’ve come to expect from the region. To learn more about CAFÉ 2011, navigate to HERE.

We arrived with little expectation of the Thursday night event and found ourselves, three hours later, fully engrossed in conversation with people from four different continents. Not bad for a rainy, cold night in the “A”… Maybe the city really is growing up.

-Jay Young