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HIGH Event: Fashion Uncorked Kicks Off At Barami In Phipps Plaza

Photo by James L. Young Photography

On Friday night, BARAMI inside of Phipps Plaza hosted the kickoff party/pre-event for Fashion Uncorked, a jewelry-inspired design competition. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by Norma Center, Development Coordinator for Easter Seals Disability Services. She was very kind and gracious and answered any questions I had about the event and the organization. I was also greeted by two lovely ladies offering wine, bottled water, and hors d’oeuvres. There was also a table at the front with a representative from the Easter Seals organization who was selling tickets and offering information about Easter Seals.

Photo by James L. Young Photography

A live DJ spun great music while attendants browsed the store and shopped while mingling with the other guests. It was a great turnout of fashionable individuals from all walks of life.

I was pleased to see that while BARAMI is located in Phipps, which is known for catering to high-end clientele, the store offers chic business casual attire and beautiful accessories that are actually affordable. I spoke with the store manager, Marguerite Bobkin, who informed me that BARAMI is approaching its 3 year anniversary of being inside Phipps Plaza yet the store is based out of New York and has been around since the late 70s! Wow!

While I was there, the trendy store also offered a giveaway for everyone who submitted a business card. I won’t name any names but some lucky person won that lovely handbag I had my eye on!  My personal highlight of the evening: being able to not only meet the competing designers but also talk with the judges and Mrs. Theresa Howard, the creator of the bold jewelry pieces that will be featured in the competition.

Anastasia Southwick, The High Up's Karissa Parker (Center) and Theresa Howard Photo by James L. Young Photography

All in all, it was a great event and a great way to kick off Fashion Uncorked, which will be held this Saturday, February 11th at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center located 40 minutes outside of Atlanta. The proceeds from Fashion Uncorked go to the Easter Seals Disability Services so its great to see an event like this benefit such an amazing cause. I definitely encourage people to purchase a ticket and lend your support.

See more highlights from the Fashion Uncorked pre-event and fashion show in the new issue of The IMPRINT by Aspire Online Media on February 20th! Subscribe here.

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Urban Active’s Get Active Challenge “10 Cities Tour” Successfully Motivates People Around The Country!

Image by Jay Young

Urban Active Fitness wrapped up a successful “Get Active Challenge” 10 cities tour on January 19th in Atlanta, drawing nearly a thousand participants across the country. The challenge, inspired by the report on “America’s Most Sedentary Cities” by Men’s Health Magazine, aimed at inspiring communities by providing a free boot camp, an educational session and tips for staying motivated all year long. The “Get Active Challenge” was lead by Urban Active’s fitness guru and Quality Control Director, Josh “JB” Bowen and visited the cities of Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Omaha, Louisville, Lexington, Nashville and Atlanta.

A slew of friends joined Urban Active to motivate people to embrace a healthy lifestyle, including Q Parker of 112, the Georgia Force Cheerleaders, former Ohio Buckeye football players Braden Joe, Joshua Harris and Jimmie Bell and Olympic hockey medalist Joe Gimaldi.

“Discipline is what separates those who set and achieve goals,” explains Josh Bowen. “Get out of the mindset of simply setting goals – marry your goals, own them and crush them! More often than not, you get in the way of you results and this year Urban Active seeks to break that cycle.”

One of participants, Rosemary Walton in Columbus, OH, shared her special story of how working out at Urban Active has helped her lose 100 pounds and how her life has been saved.

“This boot camp was off the hook full of energy,” exclaimed Walton on her personal fitness blog post on the challenge’s special blog site “My friend Rachel came to the gym to participate and it was wonderful to have her meet the best family in the world…my gym family. She had a great time too, and for me it was a blessing to see her doing the things she was because of her past year with breast cancer, surgeries and chemo. I was excited for her to see where life began for me at Urban Active Grandview.”

Josh Bowen was touched by her story and related how there wasn’t a dry eye in the house thanks to Walton’s personal story. “The challenge is not only for fitness but encouraging others along their journey of wellness. We want to show the world that together, we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in the communities that our fitness clubs call home.”

Though the 10 cities tour is over, the Urban Active “Get Active Challenge” continues all year long to encourage and support communities to participate in exercise and a healthy lifestyle. For more information about Urban Active and the challenge, please visit or

Read Josh Bowen’s exclusive interview in the upcoming issue of The IMPRINT by Aspire Online Media scheduled to be released on February 20th! Subscribe here!

Photos by Andrew Snook

HIGH Note: Tyrese’s “Nothing On You” Video Coming Valentine’s Day

From The Desk of Tyrese Gibson….

Brace yourself and EXPECT the unexpected from your man, Tyrese, as he gives you EXCLUSIVE photos and the story behind the scenes from the set of his HOT and STEAMY video, “Nothing On You”, featuring his beautiful leading lady, Chilli, of the famed R&B super-group, TLC.  With a story line that paints a vivid picture of love and of a man assuring his woman there is no one else for him, there couldn’t have been a more perfectly appropriate premiere date for the video than Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012.

Not to worry, these photos, the inside scoop from Tyrese and Chilli, and the video trailer will tide you over until then…

“Sexy, smart, classy, grace and integrity doesn’t come easy all in one woman these days. When Chilli agreed to do my “Nothing On You” video, I just knew it would be special. The wait is over – on Valentines Day, through this song and video we’re gonna remind you of what grown and sexy love is all about.” – Tyrese

“Working with Tyrese, didn’t feel like work at all. There was so much chemistry between us, everything flowed naturally. Tyrese has such a beautiful voice and when you hear “Nothing on You” it just makes you want to embrace LOVE. I’m so proud of Tyrese’s accomplishments, he’s so talented…music, movies, books-(and we certainly can’t forget those breath-taking features) and there’s still so much more to come from him.”

– Chilli


Because of you, 2011 has been the best year of my life in all aspects of my career.  “Stay” has been #1 Single for 11 weeks and “Open Invitation” was #1 for two weeks independent!!  My films, “Transformers DOTM” and “Fast Five,” have both now grossed well over $1.7 billion worldwide.  I STILL can’t wrap my head around the success from my first venture as an author with my motivational/inspirational memoir and New York Times Best Selling Book, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way.”  As always, l humbly thank you for the love and support you have shown me this past year.

My “Open Invitation RELOADED” album is going to be re-released on February 14, Valentine’s Day, on iTunes (LP version) which includes videos, behind the scenes footage, bonus material and unreleased tracks:  “Fireworkz” Remix featuring Big Sean, T.I., and Busta Rhymes, “What Took You So Long,” and the “Stay” Remix featuring Faith Evans.  MAKE SURE YOU GET IT!!


President and CEO of Voltron Recordz
Tyrese Gibson

HIGH Maintenance: Coming Up Roses With Dior!

Ladies, spring is coming and you will soon be able to smell the roses…and your rose-scented nails! Dior has debuted their spring collection called Garden Party and the collection features two spring inspired limited edition nail shades that, according to their website, will leave your nails with a rose aroma after drying. Now, Dior is not the first to have scented nail polish but the polishes are quite beautiful. Waterlily is a soft, mint green with a hint of shimmer, while Forget-Me-Not is a gorgeous, lilac purple that is a bit darker than the usual pastel color.

Are you interested in having rose scented nails for spring? The polishes retail for $23 each and can be purchased at and high-end department stores such as Nordstrom.

Get the Dior Garden Party Nail Polish here. If you happen to try the new fragrant polish, tell me about it!

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HIGH Fashion: Jason Wu Is Coming To Target!

If you don’t know by now, on February 5th, the Jason Wu for Target Collection will be sold online and in stores. Hopefully, Target has prepared for the onslaught of excited fashionistas that are sure to hit up the stores and the site (me included) while avoiding the crisis that happened when the Missoni for Target collection was in stores a few months ago. The demand was so huge that Target’s web site crashed in a matter of HOURS and Target stores were selling out of pieces in an almost equal short period of time.

Well, on to the good news! The Jason Wu line features dresses, fun accessories and chic mix-and-match separates. The pieces are sophisticated yet playful, and equally chic. The line actually looks as though it was designed based on nautical inspiration such as heavy splashes of navy and red and some mustard yellow thrown in, which I love!  I see myself wearing the items anywhere from work to brunch to cocktail parties and happy hour. Another great, AMAZING plus: the prices are most fabulous! Items range from $19.99 to $59.99 for clothes and $19.99 to $49.99 for accessories.

The lookbook was already posted online a few weeks ago. I am already prepared for this exciting shopping experience – there are a few pieces I have my eye on that I plan to get February 5th! This limited edition collection will only be in stores from February 5th to March 6th.

To check out the lookbook (and select which pieces you want ahead of time), click here. Make sure to check back in with us later on next week to find out if I was able to get my hands on some of the goodies!

Reference: Huffington Post

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HIGH Note: A Melodic Moment With AnthonyQ

Photo by Melva Rae Lett

He was the youngest chosen to be in Diddy’s “Making The Band 4” for three seasons of the popular MTV show. Day26 became “the band” and emerged as an all male group garnering much success atop the Billboard charts. Following his departure from the hit R&B group, Que has made impressive strides while moving on to a blossoming solo career and boasting a new TV show. The crooner is all grown up and goes by his new alias, AnthonyQ…quite confidently. We recently caught up with Mr. Q in Atlanta at the release party for his new single, “Melody”. He enlightened us on what lies ahead in his future and shows us that this is only the beginning for one of entertainment’s rising front men.

AOM: We are here with AnthonyQ celebrating the release of his new single, “Melody”. How are you doing Q?

Que: I’m chilling. I’m having a lot of fun.

AOM: I’m loving the outfit. Who are you wearing?

Que: This is Ruckage. They have been styling me lately. They styled me for my last photo shoot. They had a really dope jacket so I was like ‘Yo I gotta rock this up again’.

AOM: I really enjoyed your last mix tape, Guitar Her. My favorite song on the project was the song “Hair”.

Que: “Hair”? (Laughs)

AOM: So what was your favorite song on Guitar Her?

Que: My favorite songs on Guitar Her are “Medicine” and “Free Falling”.

AOM: I loved the video for “Medicine”. It was very nice.

Que:  Thank you.

Photo by Melva Rae Lett

AOM: Let’s talk about “Melody”. Where are you taking us with this single?

Que:  Basically the concept of “Melody” has like a double meaning. The melody represents the woman so you think I’m talking about my woman. Then when it gets to the hook and I’m like “Well I’m talking about my Melody” so it has like a double meaning. Of course the melody represents the woman but it’s ‘my melody’.

AOM: Right. It’s like love can be your melody in the song as well.

Que: Exactly.

AOM: What’s next for Anthony Q? What can we look forward to?

Que: Right now I’m pushing my two singles, “See Me” and “Melody” available on iTunes. Besides that, I’m working on my album. I also have a new TV show that I’m working on. It’s a dance show called “Rhythm Nation” which will take place in L.A. But I’m mostly focused on getting the music out right now.

AOM: Well, we definitely enjoy your music at Aspire Online Media and The HIGH UP and are looking forward to seeing you hit the stage tonight.

Que: Yes. I’m about to perform “Melody”. Thank you.

Following the interview, “Que” serenaded the ladies with his melodic and captivating voice while performing his hit singles, “Medicine” and “Melody” at his release party on Sunday, January 22nd at Josephine Lounge in Atlanta. With his humble spirit and incomparable talent, there is no denying that AnthonyQ will continue to bless our ears for years to come. Follow him @Que_thafuture!

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HIGH Fashion: The Sky’s The Limit!

As most people know, I’m a shoe lover (I actually prefer a different, less PC term but for the sake of our readers, I’ll just say “shoe lover”). The smell of a brand spanking pair of shoes fresh out of the box just makes my heart skip a beat. So, on one of my biweekly online window shopping excursions, I came across the striking geometric stunner – the peep toe Marcie platform wedge. When I saw them, my inner shoe-diva screamed and I knew I had to have them. They actually resemble the Guiseppe Zanotti wedge that came out last summer and were seen on Eva “The Diva” Marcille and Keri Hilson. (seen here) The kid suede shoe has a sky high 5.5 inch wedge with a 1.9 inch platform so it’s perfect for all of the “vertically challenged” girls as well as the chicas that are blessed with long legs already!

The eclectic shoes come in 3 colors: black, camel and blue violet.  I wanted the blue ones but they were sold out so I opted for the camel ones because I felt it would actually be more versatile than black and I wanted a nude look for a leg lengthening effect. Also, I knew the shoes could be paired several different options such as shorts in the summer, above knee length dresses, and cropped and skinny jeans. Basically any style that showed off the beauty of the shoe. The Marcie wedge is a versatile shoe that could be worn spring, summer, and early fall.

I ordered the shoe on a Friday and received them the following Wednesday so, excluding the weekend, shipping was relatively quick. When I opened the box, the shoes were stuffed with paper and a shoe horn to hold the shape and surrounded in plastic, ensuring NO damage while en route to your home. The shoes. were. AMAZING! The shoes that the Jessica Simpson Collection sell are well constructed and beautifully designed. There were no loose threads, the suede felt soft and most of all, when I slipped them on, they were extremely comfortable.  I practically skipped around my house in those shoes and the best part, I went from 5’4” to about 5’9”. Score!

The shoes retail for $110 and can be found on other sites other than but at the time I purchased my pair, I got 20% off due to a promotion that was going on. But I’m sure that if you search online, some coupon code should pop up or the site may even be running a promotion. I highly suggest that you grab a pair. So, divas…stop reading and go shopping!

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Cinematic HIGH: Red Tails Movie Review

It is hard to put Red Tails into words but one does come to mind – MASTERPIECE. The 20th Century Fox film is a George Lucas creation, and tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II.

Starring a predominantly African American cast lead by Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr., Oscar nominee Terrance Howard, Nate Parker (The Great Debaters) and R&B superstar Ne-Yo, the movie manages to take you through every emotion imaginable. Carrying you through the journey of an all black unit that struggles for acceptance within their own army, the all black unit learns to overcome adversity through their love of flying the great blue skies and fighting the enemy. The air fighters soon learn that it is this love and undeniable skill in the line of duty that break down the barriers that once held them back, enlightening their Anglo Saxon comrades to see past their exteriors and into their courageous hearts. The priceless essence of this movie lies in the ability to touch on the soldier’s personal struggles, beliefs, ambitions, and expectations while not only trying to prove themselves as fighter pilots but as men.  Although such a movie is filled with intense subject matter, it provides refreshing and comical undertones that lighten the mood when it touches on the core of social issues.

In summary, Red Tails served as a melting pot of elements that worked perfectly together to create a satisfying cinematic entrée. Support the memorable film in theatres now.  It is destined to be a classic.

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HIGH Maintenance: Get Lush-ous Skin This Winter!

By now, the cold and dry winter weather has probably left you with dry, scaly, and ashy skin. Regular, water based lotions may not be enough to combat your skin issues. What if there was a product that could exfoliate and moisturize your skin at the same time while showering? Well, search no more! Lush Cosmetics has an awesome product called Buffy, which is their most popular selling body butter.

The Buffy Bar, used on wet skin, serves as both exfoliate and moisturizer and for some people, may eliminate the need to apply lotion after their shower. However, a lotion can be used to seal in the oils from the product for additional benefits. With ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, ground rice, and almonds, this product will leave your skin smooth and moisturized all day and is gentle enough to use on individuals who may have sensitive skin or skin ailments, such as eczema. It can be used in warmer weather a few times a week as a regular exfoliate, as well. Also, the bar is susceptible to melt in warm temperatures so it should be kept in a cool, dry place or in a soap tin.

Buffy is sold in 2 sizes: the 3.3 oz bar for $11.95 and the 7 oz bar for $22.95 and can be purchased at or at an actual Lush store in your area.

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HIGH Maintenance: Let’s Get Naked…Again!

Urban Decay recently debuted their NAKED2 eyeshadow palette, the sequel to the famous NAKED palette! The new palette has 12 GORGEOUS, neutral shades like its predecessor with 5 new ones and a repeat of the shimmery gold shadow, HALF BAKED, except this one comes with the LIP JUNKIE lip gloss. The chic and modern packaging features a gray metal with a hinged top that’s reminiscent of an art school case with NAKED2 in bold, brown, embossed letters compared to the NAKED palette, which features a beautiful chocolate suede case with the word, NAKED, in big, bold gold letters. Both cases have a very luxurious look and feel to them – a bit different from Urban Decay’s “beauty with an edge” aesthetic.

 The NAKED palette contains 12 x 0.05 oz. eyeshadows and a miniature-sized Primer Potion of 0.13 fl. oz. However, the most exciting thing is that Urban Decay provides you with twelve full-size eyeshadows, which are normally sold at $17 and it includes the Good Karma Shadow Brush, which retails at $26, so, excluding the travel size primer potion, this palette has a value of $230!

Both palettes allow you to experiment with varying looks such as the classic “office appropriate”, a seductive, smoky look or sexy, summertime bronze. The shadows look stunning on everyone and you really get a bang for your buck with both palettes. The shades are high quality, highly pigmented and smooth going on the lids. Do you really need both? Not really. But for the makeup junkies out there, you may want to add both to your collection. What say you?

See NAKED here and NAKED2 here.

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