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HIGH Event: A Valentine’s Day Serenade At Tribal Cafe In L.A.

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays people claim to not care much about, and although I’d like to agree with them, I can’t help but wonder why. The way I see it, Valentine’s Day is just another excuse to celebrate. Whether you are dining with your loved one, or drinking with your best friend, everyone has plans to be someone’s Valentine. I spent my Valentine’s Day enjoying a frothy cup of chai, and the musical talent of Billy Kay. Tribal Café, located in down town Los Angeles, hosted a night of love songs for all the lovers and coffee addicts in the area.

The vibe in the café was mellow, while couples smooched on the couch and the locals ordered “the usual.” Billy’s all acoustic set serenaded us with classics like “I’ll never fall in love again” by Elvis Costello and paid tribute to Whitney Houston with “I Will Always Love You.” Although Billy was the headliner, the mic was open to other musicians and poets who felt the need to share the love.

Smiles were brought to the guest’s faces when free roses complimented their coffee and filled the room with a lovely scent. As Billy handed out roses, Josh, the owner of the cafe, made my chai with a little “extra love”. Josh opened the café 6 years ago and has made an impressive menu full of coffee, sweets, and healthy shakes. Although coffee, sweets and shakes are quite appealing, my obsession with tea filled my belly with warmth on this particular visit to the cafe. Billy finished the night with a few tunes from The Beatles, and some love from the audience. As people sang along, I thought of what John Lennon always said, “All You Need is Love.”

Britt Hutchinson for The HIGH UP. Follow @L0cksy for the best entertainment and event coverage straight from Los Angeles!


One response

  1. Bella Day

    Great read! You just made me want to go to Starbucks!! Sounds like it was fun!

    February 16, 2012 at 7:36 pm

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