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HIGH Note: A Melodic Moment With AnthonyQ

Photo by Melva Rae Lett

He was the youngest chosen to be in Diddy’s “Making The Band 4” for three seasons of the popular MTV show. Day26 became “the band” and emerged as an all male group garnering much success atop the Billboard charts. Following his departure from the hit R&B group, Que has made impressive strides while moving on to a blossoming solo career and boasting a new TV show. The crooner is all grown up and goes by his new alias, AnthonyQ…quite confidently. We recently caught up with Mr. Q in Atlanta at the release party for his new single, “Melody”. He enlightened us on what lies ahead in his future and shows us that this is only the beginning for one of entertainment’s rising front men.

AOM: We are here with AnthonyQ celebrating the release of his new single, “Melody”. How are you doing Q?

Que: I’m chilling. I’m having a lot of fun.

AOM: I’m loving the outfit. Who are you wearing?

Que: This is Ruckage. They have been styling me lately. They styled me for my last photo shoot. They had a really dope jacket so I was like ‘Yo I gotta rock this up again’.

AOM: I really enjoyed your last mix tape, Guitar Her. My favorite song on the project was the song “Hair”.

Que: “Hair”? (Laughs)

AOM: So what was your favorite song on Guitar Her?

Que: My favorite songs on Guitar Her are “Medicine” and “Free Falling”.

AOM: I loved the video for “Medicine”. It was very nice.

Que:  Thank you.

Photo by Melva Rae Lett

AOM: Let’s talk about “Melody”. Where are you taking us with this single?

Que:  Basically the concept of “Melody” has like a double meaning. The melody represents the woman so you think I’m talking about my woman. Then when it gets to the hook and I’m like “Well I’m talking about my Melody” so it has like a double meaning. Of course the melody represents the woman but it’s ‘my melody’.

AOM: Right. It’s like love can be your melody in the song as well.

Que: Exactly.

AOM: What’s next for Anthony Q? What can we look forward to?

Que: Right now I’m pushing my two singles, “See Me” and “Melody” available on iTunes. Besides that, I’m working on my album. I also have a new TV show that I’m working on. It’s a dance show called “Rhythm Nation” which will take place in L.A. But I’m mostly focused on getting the music out right now.

AOM: Well, we definitely enjoy your music at Aspire Online Media and The HIGH UP and are looking forward to seeing you hit the stage tonight.

Que: Yes. I’m about to perform “Melody”. Thank you.

Following the interview, “Que” serenaded the ladies with his melodic and captivating voice while performing his hit singles, “Medicine” and “Melody” at his release party on Sunday, January 22nd at Josephine Lounge in Atlanta. With his humble spirit and incomparable talent, there is no denying that AnthonyQ will continue to bless our ears for years to come. Follow him @Que_thafuture!

 ➟Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter for the latest in entertainment news!


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