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HIGH Fashion: The Sky’s The Limit!

As most people know, I’m a shoe lover (I actually prefer a different, less PC term but for the sake of our readers, I’ll just say “shoe lover”). The smell of a brand spanking pair of shoes fresh out of the box just makes my heart skip a beat. So, on one of my biweekly online window shopping excursions, I came across the striking geometric stunner – the peep toe Marcie platform wedge. When I saw them, my inner shoe-diva screamed and I knew I had to have them. They actually resemble the Guiseppe Zanotti wedge that came out last summer and were seen on Eva “The Diva” Marcille and Keri Hilson. (seen here) The kid suede shoe has a sky high 5.5 inch wedge with a 1.9 inch platform so it’s perfect for all of the “vertically challenged” girls as well as the chicas that are blessed with long legs already!

The eclectic shoes come in 3 colors: black, camel and blue violet.  I wanted the blue ones but they were sold out so I opted for the camel ones because I felt it would actually be more versatile than black and I wanted a nude look for a leg lengthening effect. Also, I knew the shoes could be paired several different options such as shorts in the summer, above knee length dresses, and cropped and skinny jeans. Basically any style that showed off the beauty of the shoe. The Marcie wedge is a versatile shoe that could be worn spring, summer, and early fall.

I ordered the shoe on a Friday and received them the following Wednesday so, excluding the weekend, shipping was relatively quick. When I opened the box, the shoes were stuffed with paper and a shoe horn to hold the shape and surrounded in plastic, ensuring NO damage while en route to your home. The shoes. were. AMAZING! The shoes that the Jessica Simpson Collection sell are well constructed and beautifully designed. There were no loose threads, the suede felt soft and most of all, when I slipped them on, they were extremely comfortable.  I practically skipped around my house in those shoes and the best part, I went from 5’4” to about 5’9”. Score!

The shoes retail for $110 and can be found on other sites other than but at the time I purchased my pair, I got 20% off due to a promotion that was going on. But I’m sure that if you search online, some coupon code should pop up or the site may even be running a promotion. I highly suggest that you grab a pair. So, divas…stop reading and go shopping!

➟Karissa J. Parker for The HIGH UP. Follow @CurlyRissa on Twitter for the latest in style, beauty and fashion updates!


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  1. Harold Jeffries

    Hey Karissa, as a man buying gifts 4 females can b a real task especially shoes but this blog right here is helping a brother out right here i think my love life is about 2 double right now! good looking, keep up the good work, your visuals let me know what i am buying and the prices let me know how valuable the purchase is. i stumbled on this on a bumble but this is really what’s up! Holla @ your boy H-Town!

    January 26, 2012 at 9:26 pm

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