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HIGH Style: Becoming Creative With Natural Hair

Corrine Bailey Rae

With so many African American women opting to forgo the “creamy crack”, aka relaxers and becoming natural, some may find that they are unsure of how to handle a hair texture that they have not seen since childhood. Part of everyone’s hair journey is not only finding out what products work with their hair but what styles as well. This blog shows you an option for the short haired natural divas as well as the longer haired beauties.

For the short-haired girls, don’t be intimidated or bored by short hair. You have plenty of styling options. If you recently did the big chop or are still opting to rock the TWA (teeny weeny afro) and may be in a styling rut, try a chic coil out. A “coil out” involves gently pulling a rat tailed comb through freshly washed, wet strands after applying the styling product of choice and rolling/twisting the comb as you pull it downwards. Once the hair is dry, coat your hands with oil and separate the coils into smaller sections for more volume.

Solange Knowles

For the medium and long-haired girls, by now you may have discovered what works for you and experimented with some of the staple natural hairstyles (twist outs, wash-n-gos, and buns). However, for a night out or if you just want to rock some awesome big hair without waiting 2-3 days for your hair to stretch out, try a twist out on blown out hair. The final look is very “Joan Clayton-ish” from the hit show, Girlfriends. Just be mindful not to do this style too often to lessen the possibility of heat damage from blow dryer usage.

These two styles are only a fraction of what can be done with natural hair. Feel free to search the web for inspiration or even create some styles of your own. Happy styling, natural divas!

⇒Karissa J. Parker for The HIGH UP. Follow @CurlyRissa on Twitter!


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