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HIGH Note: Amber Rose Sings About Fame!

Amber Rose is showing the world that there is more to her than a romantic story for the tabloids. Not only is she a model, it seems that she has talents that we were unaware of. Well Amber is ensuring that we know them all by debuting her first single, “Fame” featuring her current love interest Wiz Khalifa. In the song “Fame”, she speaks about the sudden effects of stardom.  This song is reminiscent of a softer version of “Barbie Girl” performed by one hit wonder, Aqua. Singing over a sunny track produced by Grand Staff producers KQuick and Fresh 2 Def, Rose attempts to showcase her soft vocals in a playful manner. The hook states, “Now You’re ready for the fame”.  Whether you agree that Amber Rose is ready for musical stardom or not, Khalifa does.  Wiz Khalifa posted a link to the new track on Twitter Tuesday with the caption, “Now You’re Ready.”  Listen to her debut single, “Fame” below.  Is Amber Rose ready for this side of fame?  Let us know your thoughts!

⇒Amadi Jae for The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter for the latest in entertainment news!


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