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WHAT’S HOT: Rihanna’s New Fragrance Coming in 2012

Rihanna’s wants to know are you a Rebelle or a Fleur? The ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ is traveling into new territory by introducing her first sequence of fragrances. The first two perfumes explore the singer’s duality. Originally dubbed a ‘rebel’ by her grandmother, the alluring redolence explores the singer’s mysterious and sensual side. Rihanna tweeted about the reaction her new fragrance had on her onlookers earlier this year. “Wore the sample last night and all the fly girls wanted some. Fly girls around the world will be enticing their admirers with Rebelle’s raw and edgy scent. “My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady. There’s a feminine, romantic element to the fragrance-but there’s also a defiant quality in it,” Rihanna explains. “I love its duality.”

The fragrance campaign will aim to capture her dramatic and daring side as well holding true to Rihanna’s vulnerability. Unfortunately, you will have to wait till next year to captivate everyone with the daring scent.  Rebelle by Rihanna hits department stores in Spring 2012. Will you be a Rebelle?

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