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NEW GROOVES: Coldplay’s “Paradise” Video

We all have dreamt of reaching paradise. In Coldplay’s second video, “Paradise” off their upcoming album, “Mylo Xyloto”, it shows the voyage of an elephant on his journey to that desired place. The visual goes perfectly with the lyrics of this song. The video begins with the elephant stuck in the zoo or in captivity longing for something better. The elephant then escapes the place that’s holding it down and starts his journey to finding something better. He eventually finds that place and lives out a dream. The video seems metaphorical for the Coldplay’s journey to their dreams or “Paradise”. This video is a true symbolism of the ability to reach your goals and shows you that no matter what is holding you captive, you can escape it and reach a place of freedom. Watch Coldplay’s new video “Paradise” below.

>>Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter!


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