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WHAT’S NEW: Rapper 50 Cent Turned Producer Starring In “The Pursuit”

It looks like 50 Cent has grabbed a new starring role in the action thriller, “The Pursuit”. Emmett/Furla Films and Cheetah Vision Films, which Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson runs with producer Randal Emmett, are producing the thriller together, which will be directed by Jessy Terrero.  50 Cent and Emmett have signed the director on for three films.

“The Pursuit”, written by Matt Johnson, follows “a cop and criminal (who) inadvertently team up to track down an escaped bank robber as each has his own personal vendetta against the man. Meanwhile, a determined US Marshall hunts the men to prevent them from killing the convict and instead ensure that he is brought to justice the proper way,” as explained by the producers.

50 Cent will star in the film as the cop. Lionsgate will distribute the picture through its ten-movie output deal. They plan to start shooting this action packed thriller in Louisiana in February 2012.

This is not the director’s, (Terroro) first time collaborating with 50 Cent. He has worked with him on numerous music videos as well as the rapper’s 2010 crime thriller, “Gun”. Terrero’s debut feature was the 2004 film, “Soul Plane”.  The duo also have Emmett/Furla’s action thriller Freelancers in the can, which also stars Robert DeNiro and Forest Whitaker. Being that 50 Cent has not released music in a substantial period of time, it’s easy for me to wonder if this is the new avenue that he will be taking going forward. Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates on this production and 50 Cent.

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter for the latest in entertainment news.


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