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GET INVOLVED: A Pink Lit Restorative Yoga Fundraiser In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Take time to reflect with these gentle postures at a relaxing pace.

Breast cancer will affect most of us; a little more than 12 percent of women (one in eight) in the US will get breast cancer at some point in their lives. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, A PINK Lit Restorative Yoga Fundraiser will be held with 100 percent of all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.

CNN and reported on the largest study of yoga’s affect on cancer patients conducted at University of Rochester Medical Center.  As cancer survivors are affected months or even years after their last chemotherapy or radiation treatment, the study found that cancer patients who practiced Hatha or Restorative yoga had lower levels of fatigue, felt more energized and are sleeping better. The studies are assured by the fact that many of the nation’s top cancer centers have their own yoga programs.

According to The National Cancer Institute, exercising 4 or more hours a week and maintaining a lower to normal body weight may help lower breast cancer risk by decreasing a woman’s ongoing exposure to estrogen levels that are believed to contribute to cancer growth.  A study performed at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, found that the women in the study who exercised the most had a 22% decreased risk of breast cancer.

Yoga is not just stretching; it’s also deep breathing and meditation. While yoga in itself focuses on muscles and proper muscle alignment, restorative yoga focuses on restful postures and is designed to “re-boot” your nervous system and balance out your body.  According to experts at The Mayo Clinic, yoga is amazing for stress reduction, increasing fitness level, weight loss, and managing chronic health conditions such as cancer, depression, pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

Urban Active is encouraging their community to join them in this class lit by pink candles to honor those affected by this illness.  Participants are suggested to make a $25.00 donation which will provide them with a PINK votive candle to light during class, a limited edition T-shirt, silicone bracelet and a PINK balloon which will have the name of person that is being recognized, to be tied in the club.  Non-members will also have access to Urban Active for the entire month of October at no charge.

PINK Lit Restorative Yoga Fundraiser will take place on Monday, October 17th @ 7:30 PM @ Urban Active Fitness located at: 3535 Peachtree Rd. NEAtlanta, GA 30326 Phone: 404.389.1143.

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