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NEW GROOVES: Ced L. Young Is “Young and Ambitious”

If you are looking for music that will move your body as well as your soul, I suggest that you take a listen to Ced. L. Young’s new release “Young & Ambitious”. With realistic lyrics and storylines combined with appealing R&B influenced instrumentals, it is an experience that you can’t deprive yourself of. Ced. L. Young is a multi-talented artist, lyricist, producer, engineer and the list goes on. While executive producing this project along side DJ Toomp and A. Tweek Williams, Ced was able to pull off an effortless success with his music while wearing numerous hats. It’s difficult for me to pick favorites because all songs touch a special place in my heart. I do, however expect to here “Drank Tonight” blasting through the speakers of every club and radio station soon, which provides an honest perspective of a man when meeting a girl in the club. I must say that the “Don’t Keith Sweat Her” becomes addictive after the first listen so you have been warned. This is a project that provides no roadblocks or bumps. It is a smooth ride throughout the entire compilation. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this amazing talent in all aspects of his career. To learn more about Ced. L. Young visit his website at and download “Young and Ambitious” at

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter!


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