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SESAC Strips Down Music: SESAC Strip Showcase

When going to concerts, we have become accustomed to watching artists perform to tracks or instrumentals. The mere sight of an artist performing with a band in this current time is considered a breathe of fresh air. SESAC Atlanta Senior Director of Writer/Publisher Relations, Cappriccieo Scates, understands this need of fresh air and has provided the Atlanta music community with a rare and priceless event called the SESAC Strip Showcase. This event, which is opened to all who enjoy live music, takes place quarterly and premiers artists and songwriters from not only Atlanta, GA but from all over the country. In this installment, performers from as far as Nashville, TN took the stage.

Amadi Jae of AOM and The HIGH UP and SESAC Senior Director Cappriccieo Scates

Being one who loves to discover hidden musical treasures, I was pleased to come across some amazing talents. Throughout the evening, my thirst for good music was quenched, covering all spectrums of music. Beginning with the spiritual uplifting sounds of Pamela Johnson, the energy and tone was set for the remainder of the evening.  As each performer blessed us with their talents, we were renewed with energy.  In the mist of discovery, I was enlightened to learn of artists such as 16-year-old songstress Mya Nichole. She began her performance by showcasing her talents on the piano. It was refreshing, to say the least, to see such a young talent displaying skills of a veteran. I became more overwhelmed when she opened her mouth. Her voice reached beyond her years and her stage presence went even further. To discover something so rare at that moment provided an understanding, to me, of how powerful and important the SESAC Strip Showcase is to the musical community.

Pamela Johnson and Amadi Jae

Mya Nicole

The SESAC Strip Showcase does not only open your ears to new talent, but also to new sounds introducing us to the a new style called Jazz-Hop through the sultry voice of Bonnie Bordeaux. With her angelic voice singing over rhythmic and jazzy accompaniment, it was hard not to be enticed by this new combination. Dressed in a vintage dress with cat eyeglasses reminiscent of the 1950’s, I was not surprised by the unique sound that came from her. I am interested to see what is to come from this budding star. Artists such as, AJ Cole, who provided a gravitating performance, successfully assisted with representing Hip-Hop. I’ve always enjoyed Hip-Hop performances with live bands and AJ Cole provided a crisp sound with stage presence that pulled us in. He expertly commanded our attention while performing songs off of his mix tape release “Not Your Average Mix tape”. AJ Cole is not your average hip-hop artist, either, and I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of him.

AJ Cole after his performance

Bonnie Bordeaux and Amadi Jae

Numerous SESAC affiliated artists and songwriters attended the event including singer/songwriter, Sam Collier. We were privileged to get a full listen to his Mix-tape “No Losing Part II: The Saga Continues”. It was interesting to walk through the crowd while overhearing guests chatting about where they can follow these emerging artists.  I have been a fan of Sam Collier and his music since I first heard his mix-tape and was excited to finally meet him in person. SESAC and Sam Collier recently teamed up to promote his “No Losing” Campaign where he was touring a vast number of schools in the region doing motivational speaking while empowering all to understand that you can do anything you want to do and that there is “No Losing”.

Amadi Jae with Singer/Songwriter/Activist Sam Collier

Although the music was the main attraction of the evening, we couldn’t finish the night off without acknowledging the highly deserved recognition that Cappriccieo Scates received, being promoted from Associate Director of Writer/Publisher Relations to Senior Director of Writer/Publisher Relations. To celebrate, SESAC provided cake for everyone in attendance.  We at AOM and The HIGH UP would like to extend our congratulations to you, Mr. Scates, and much more success. The next SESAC STRIP SHOWCASE will be taking place in December. AOM and The HIGH UP will definitely be there and are pretty sure that you won’t want to miss out on this amazing musical experience. In the meantime, be sure to attend other SESAC Atlanta events including Tempo Tuesdays, which occurs every second and fourth Tuesday of each month. For more events and information on SESAC, visit their website at and follow SESAC and Cappreccieo on twitter (@SESAC and @Cappreccieo). Also follow the artists featured in this article on twitter -(@samcollier, @lyricalaj, @Mya Nicole, @BonnieBordeaux, and @sangchile).

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter.


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