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NEW GROOVES: Rihanna Announces New Album and Sings “We Found Love”

Looks like Rihanna will not be taking a break any time soon. On Sept. 22nd, Rihanna released her new single “We Found Love”.  This song is a classic dance record, keeping up with the current musical trends. This is definitely a song that I am sure will become a standard to play in the night clubs around the world and a great sound track to the end of a great summer. Rihanna has been one of the most consistent artists to come in many years, releasing hits that reach the top 10 consecutively. I only wish that they would give the listener time to anticipate her music. It seems as if we are being provided new music when we are still trying to enjoy songs such as “Man Down” and “California King Bed”. On the other hand, I can understand the strategy since today’s music listener has a short attention span and with social media outlets like Twitter, fans have more access to news, information, and content more than they ever have before. I am not expecting anything more than what I’ve heard before from Rihanna. But you never know, she may surprise us this time! Rihanna’s new album is scheduled for release on November 21st of this year. Listen to Rihanna’s new single “We Found Love” via at

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The HIGH UP. Follow @AmadiJae on Twitter! 

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