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NEW GROOVES: Mary J. Blige “25/8”

For almost a year, the sound waves were deprived from the authentic music of Mary J. Blige. Our ears were pleased to hear her passionate delivery and raw approach blast through the speakers with her single “Looking for Love” ft. P.Diddy and Lil Wayne earlier this year. Now the Queen of Soul has returned with the second single to her highly anticipated album release “My Life II: The Journey Continues” called “25/8”, which bridges the gap between the past and the present effortlessly with music that not only entices the ear but energizes the soul.  The lyrics speak to anyone who has ever loved someone and longing to spend eternity with them. We’ve grown with Mary through her heartaches, life triumphs, and discoveries.  With her selfless vulnerability, we can’t help but feel the love and joy that she expresses through her new single.  Although all the classic Mary J. Blige elements are present in “25/8” to grab you, there are other moments in the song that may knock you off course from where it first hoped to take you. However, after listening to this song the second time around, the weak portions were over shadowed by the energetic instrumental, which gave the song a chance to grow on me.  I recommend listening to  “25/8” more than once. The more you listen, the more it will gravitate you.  As a fan of Mary J. Blige’s, I can only hope that “My Life II: The Journey Continues” will be able to take me to that familiar destination of musical satisfaction on its projected release September 20th, 2011.  Mary J. Blige’s new single, “25/8” is now available on ITunes to download.

-Amadi Jae for AOM & The “HIGH UP”. Follow @AmadiJae >>


2 responses

  1. Kadinah

    Awesome review! I will definitely be checking this single out soon. Congrats Amadi Jae on your first music review with AOM.

    September 2, 2011 at 9:30 pm




    September 2, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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