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OUTMOR: Outkast-Morcheeba Mixtape Mash


After years of listening to The Grey Album (Jay-Z & The Beatles), The Brown album (Jay-Z & Kev Brown), Jaydiohead (Jay-Z & Radiohead), American Thriller (Jay-Z & Michael Jackson), etc etc etc. I decided to put my turntables toward the task of honoring arguably the greatest duo in hip hop history, Outkast, with a mixtape/mash worthy of their status; but who to blend them with was the question.


One night while revisiting Morcheeba’s albums Charango and Who Can You Trust? I decided it would be amazing and well worth the effort to merge the music and vocals of the two giants. [OUTMOR] is the result of that effort. [OUTMOR] pushes the music in different and interesting directions and hopes to give fans of both Outkast and Morcheeba, and people unfamiliar with either something to chill out, nod their heads and speed on the highway to.

As always the mix is free but if you want to donate to the cause the only thing I turn down is my collar. You can donate at under 😉 No amount is too small. Cheers.

The link to listen to or download the mix is:

Get hip to some real knowledge. Check out more from Jon Goode here.


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