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Spoken Word & Music Fanatics: Verbal Slick “Live” Is The Place To Be

Verbal Slick Creator and Host Spinxx

On Friday night I got the opportunity to check out a really cool event called Verbal Slick “Live”. Verbal Slick is the brain child of Spinxx, who not only created the concept, but hosts the show as well. He is also a great spoken word artist. The concept of Verbal Slick is that of a variety show, but there is always a main feature.  Spinxx handpicks prominent and local comedians, poets, hip-hop artists and pop/neo soul singers to bless the mic. Verbal Slick is more than a show; it is a movement to bring quality entertainment back to Atlanta.

I had a great time at the show especially when my favorite poets, Cola Rum and Jon Goode, hit

Jon Goode

the stage.  I also laughed out of my seat when comedian Corwin O performed.  He was so funny and I absolutely loved his impromptu comedic style. Not many comedians can do that.

But the main feature, Ms. Julie Dexter, was simply amazing.  She is from Birmingham, England but now lives right here in Atlanta. Her style of music is jazzy with hints of funk looped throughout her main sound. Julie’s music is like magic, and she is super talented.  Before the show, we had a little chat (watch the video below) and I noticed that her aura was so peaceful. Ms. Dexter is not only a wonderful singer; she is also a beautiful spirit. We had a great interview and she even gave me an autographed CD. 🙂 You should check her at Purchase her CD, New Again. You will not be disappointed.

AOM's T. Monet and Rita, Owner of Soo Soo Tasty

Also, what I love about Verbal Slick is that Spinxx always has great vendors at his shows.  And at Friday night’s show, I met this amazing lady named Rita who has a cake/cupcake business, called Soo Soo Tasty.   She has some equally amazing cupcakes such as the lemon pound cake, Velvet Red made with Italian wine and my favorite, the Soo Soo Rita.  Rita says the Soo Soo Rita cupcake is her version of a Margarita drink, but in the form of a cupcake. It is made with real tequila, and it is yummy!  Check her out at

I highly recommend Verbal Slick for a girl’s night out, a date night, or if you just want to chill and see a good show.  You can get everything you need here:  food, desserts, entertainment, great people and good vibes!  For more information on the next event, you can friend Verbal Slick on Facebook!  Also, check out my backstage interview with Julie Dexter below.

Poet Cola Rum and T. Monet

Now, go live your life and meet some new people! This city is filled with wonderful events…all you need to do is show up! Follow me on twitter @tmonet and @aspireonline! View more photos here.

-T. Monet is Special Correspondent for AOM and The “HIGH UP”


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  1. Official Verbal Slick Live pics at 🙂 downloads, prints & products are available. Check out the energy that night!

    June 23, 2011 at 11:32 pm

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