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Green Lantern Makes A Great Movie For the Entire Family!

Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds, was a test pilot, who lived his life fearlessly and self-absorbed. But when he became the chosen one to save the human race by killing the evil Parallax (who looked like a ginormous octopus and fed off of fear) his cocky, fearless ways were overtaken by his own insecurities. After he was chosen, he was taken to the planet Oa and given a brief history lesson on the Green Lantern Corps, peace-keepers of the universe, and the power the ring possessed.  One key thing Hal learned about the ring was that it was powered by the emerald energy of willpower, and was sent to every sector of the universe to choose a recruit, but was never sent to earth.  So, he was the first human to be a part of the corps.

AOM's T. Monet and Strings (Hip-Hop Artist)

While Hal, was on the planet Oa, he went through rigorous training to help rid him of his fear and strengthen his will. This was an important training session since the Green Lanterns were known for their lack of fear and iron clad willpower. After all the hardcore training, he still felt he could not bear the weight of being a failure if he could not defeat, Parallax, so he quit. But after his ex-lover Carol Ferris, played by the beautiful Blake Lively and his BFF, have an intervention with him, he rejoined the battle, but minus the fear and selfishness.  He jumped back into the fight, defeated Parallax, got the girl back, and saved the human race with his fearless nature that was within him the whole time.

My Final Thoughts:

Guests at the pre-screening

The Green Lantern movie was in 3D, which was awesome! All kinds of things were flying at me and I was jumping all over the place because of it. 🙂 I have been to many 3D movies, but these 3D images were almost in my lap, and it seemed so real.  The special effects were amazing and were meant to be over the top, because the story line was lifted right from a comic book.  If people are looking for something realistic, I don’t see why. It is a comic book, people. And if you are looking for a thought out storyline, it is a superhero movie!  They all follow the same formula; good vs. evil, and good always wins!  If you can get past looking for new twists and plots, you will enjoy the movie for what it is.

The sexy Ryan Reynolds was perfect for this part. He was the total jock that looked like he had everything, but as his character unraveled, you could see his weaknesses, and he was just like anybody else.  He did a good job in relaying this to the audience, as he took you along his journey from cockiness to humbleness. I also loved Blake’s role. She was not just a pretty face in the

T. Monet and Kwanzaa Hall (Atlanta City Council, District 2)

movie, and held her own on the big screen.  The two had great chemistry, and immediately you knew they had something brewing before and she was not quite over it.  The other actors in the film were Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins and Michael Clark Duncan (voiceover role).  One evil key player in the movie, Peter Sarsgaard, who played Hector, the genius professor, was infected by the another life form, and later used by Parallax to help play out his evil scheme.  He did a fabulous job of being creepy for the entire movie, even before he was infected.  I loved it. He was my favorite charter.

But what I loved most about this movie is the message.  The message was simple yet profound. You must learn to overcome your fears, and whatever you face in this life. You already possess everything inside of you to overcome it.

This movie is a great family movie, and would lend itself to great lessons and messages that parents can discus with their kids.  There is hardly any blood and no sex scenes in which makes the movie very kid friendly.  I give Green Lantern 4 stilettos out of 5!

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-T. Monet is Special Correspondent for AOM and The “HIGH UP”

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  1. JAY!!


    June 18, 2011 at 9:40 am

  2. Philly_Flint

    Well you sold me on spending the extra change on the movie and seeing it in 3d and I hope I give it 4 timberlands out of 5, ya feel me? Haha!

    June 18, 2011 at 8:46 pm

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