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Plus Size Divas The Musical Comes To Atlanta

Plus Size Divas the Musical was such a great experience for me. I was so excited to see an event that supported and celebrated plus size women that I was beside myself. Since I am plus size, I felt so comfortable in this environment. I love the title of the musical and I loved meeting Ms. Sylvia Wilson, the playwright and leading actress behind this wonderful concept. The play first debuted in her home state of Alabama and after such great reviews, Sylvia decided to bring it to here to Atlanta. I am glad she did.

The play was funny, touching, and sent a powerful message to love yourself no matter your size. As I watched the play, and the beautiful plus size actresses, a sense of pride overtook me. The singing was phenomenal and as they say in the church, those ladies could “sang”. Sylvia Wilson did an excellent job in showing the pain of what plus sized people go through. Since the play is loosely based on Sylvia’s life, she drew from her own painful experiences of discrimination and injustice.  So often, many people don’t understand the day-to-day life of what a larger person has to face in society. I appreciated her transparency and her willingness to share what was such a painful time in her life. I asked Sylvia where her confidence stemmed from and how she began to love herself as she was, and she explained that her parents were a huge support, and constantly reminded her to love herself no matter what.

Plus Size Divas the Musical is more than a musical/play. It is a powerful tool that teaches self-acceptance, confidence, and self-love. I left the play reminded that I have both inner beauty and outer beauty, and my size does not matter! Thank you, Ms. Sylvia.

 – T. Monet is Special Correspondent for AOM and The “HIGH UP”


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