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It’s Goin’ Down at the 19th Annual Southern Fried Poetry Slam

As I am typing, I can’t even contain my excitement! And after you read what is about to go down in the “A” this weekend, you will be excited too! This weekend marks the first time ever, one of the hottest poetry slams will  hit the ATL. That’s right people the 19th Annual Southern Fried Poetry Slam is in the building!

So, last night,  I hung with a few of the organizers and poets at the kick off mixer for Southern Fried Poetry Slam in Castleberry Hill, and let me just say, you all are in for a treat. One of the organizers and rock star poet, Queen Sheba, says that they are expecting about 2000 people here from all over the southern region for the slam.  And you, my friend, might want to be in that number. In Queen Sheba ’s words: “You have never seen anything like this before, and you never will again if you miss!” And this is from a person who has traveled the world and has been to tons of slams, so listen up!

Here is how it works:  36 teams will be competing to be one of the four final groups that will hit the stage on Saturday night to compete for $7,500 dollas. Nope, not a typo; I said dollas! So, starting today through Friday, each team will have to compete in at least three bouts, and the four teams out of the 36 with the highest score will be on the final stage! And I will be there, front and center to witness it all. I included a link at the bottom of this post that lists the schedule, times, places and prices for this awesome event!

So, it’s settled. I will see you there!  Also, I will be reporting live from the pink carpet, interviewing guests and performers. I want your feedback, so stop by and see me!

Learn more about the slam here!

-T. Monet is Special Correspondent for AOM and The “HIGH UP”

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