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No Thumbs For ‘Thor’

The word to describe this movie is “unsatisfying”.

About 5 years ago Marvel Comics began working towards filming The Avengers movie.  While this production is still a couple years off, they have been releasing movies focusing on each individual team member, i.e. “Iron Man”, “Hulk”, and this summer “Captain America”. Though I am not an Avengers fan I am an avid fan of Super Hero movies.  Needless to say I was excited about what Hollywood would do with Thor “The god of thunder”, despite not being a fan.  I even paid extra to watch it in 3D…I was sorely let down. Even though Chris Hemsworth, the actor who played Thor, was slightly reminiscent of my favorite post-mortem actor Heath Ledger, his acting capabilities fell flat. Natalie Portman didn’t fair much better as his leading lady. In fact, while watching her in this role I realized she has never been a very impressive actress. Like many actresses, her beauty is her key to success and the reason most guys watch her movies.  Likewise, I am sure many women will be lining up to see 6ft, 6 inch, blonde haired, blue eyed Chris Hemsworth play Thor for no other reason than to see him with his shirt off. Hey, it pays the bills.

Not everything was terrible about this movie, though. The graphics were impeccable. There were many huge fight scenes with lots of explosions. I mean what do you expect from a movie about “The god of Thunder”? So, if you are in the mood for earth shattering fight scenes with hellacious explosions coupled with below average acting by strategically placed eye candy we call ‘actors’, then by all means pay the $15 or whatever it is to watch THOR. But me…I need a number to call to get my money back!! I’m just sayin’…

-Michael Barlow for The “High Up”

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