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‘Water For Elephants’ Recap

The word to describe this movie is “lacking”.

As a kid I was always excited when the circus came to town because there was something “otherworldly” about the firebreathers, the trapeze artists, magicians, and exotic animals that filled the big tent.

“Water For Elephants” made that childhood excitement rush back as it explored the early days of what is now becoming a lost commodity: THE traveling circus.   While the premise of it was both exciting and original, the movie itself was innately slow-paced. The “turn of the century” setting was very reminiscent of James Cameron’s Titanic but without believable actors or an epic music score.  Robert Pattinson’s character in this movie might as well have been his more glittery Twilight role.  It is as if he can only portray Edward Cullen: cold, reserved and flat. It was disappointing because I was really hoping he would give a breakout performance, proving the many naysayers wrong.  Reese Witherspoon didn’t fair much better.  While she was more entertaining to watch than Pattinson, her performance was surprisingly lacking.  In fact, the most memorable performance came from the elephant, Rosie.  From the moment she arrived on screen you knew she was the star of this movie.  With her highly intelligent feats and the natural majesty of an elephant, she kept my attention. I believe she should be the first animal to get an Oscar nomination.   She was the movie’s savior, in my opinion.

I give this movie 2 and a half stars but to Rosie, the scene stealing elephant, I give barrels and barrels of corn or grass or whatever it is that elephants like to eat.

-Michael Barlow for “The HIGH UP”


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