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Verbal Slick…Not Your Average Poetry Slam

So I walked up to this building that resembles a historic church and I asked the greeters waiting outside if the landmark I am standing in front is Blue Mark Studios. They both chimed in “Yes it is!” and directed me to the double doors. I hastily climbed the stairs and once inside it felt as though I had literally stepped into another world. The lighting was hypnotic and created the perfect atmosphere for what was about to take place. I saw T-shirts and gift bags bearing the logo of one of the most talked about events in Atlanta. 9:15pm…showtime! Spinxx takes to the stage after his band opens with a selection of familiar tunes. The audience was entranced as each artist belted out pop and neo style songs while the comedians had the guests crying with laughter. I didn’t know the people sitting on either side of me but we were all in agreement that the entertainment was on point. The spoken word artists showed no mercy as they covered every social topic from race to sexuality to growing up in the hood.

It was a beautiful sight to behold – so much talent under one roof. The downstairs portion of the venue crawled with guests who took a few minutes to shop with vendors and couples who posed for their photo. There was this amazing energy that if you happened to be a first timer, made you wonder why you hadn’t known about this regal affair before. The entire evening and its success is credited to Spinxx¸ a well respected spoken word artist and creator of Verbal Slick. The showcase has been an Atlanta craze for over ten years and is expected to become one of the largest events in the south. Read more about the man behind this “Lyrical Phenomenom” in our AOM Exclusive!

-N. Renee


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