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Movie of the Year! Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’

As I entered the theatre the atmosphere was eclectic! The energy in the room was full of excitement with the anticipation of yet another Tyler Perry film.  I stared in sheer amazement as I watched a few hundred women of color walk through the theatre corridor. A vast sea of beautifully colored hues in different shapes and sizes representing the African American Woman.  At that moment I was proud to be among what we call “sister hood”. We walked in the theatre chatting with one another as if we’d known each other for years. I haven’t felt that type of connection in a long time. As I was walking to my seat a “sister” stated “you better get your tissue ready you’re going to need it. “ I thought, Oh no! Not more of the ‘Black Woman’s drama’.  We live through various forms of drama every day; surely I didn’t just spend $10.50 to watch it. But this was different.

For 2 hours we had to confront the demons that plague our past, present and future. These demons had names. They’re called rape, abuse, neglect, lewdness, disappointment and shame.  These are the demons the black woman endures on a daily basis; yet her smooth skin, full lips and ample hips help mask the scar that’s been hidden for centuries in her very core.

This film should be seen by women of all ages, races and creeds. As for men, I would say this is a movie they may not want to see but need to see. Spiritually speaking; in all thy getting, get an understanding.  Anything you don’t understand, you may have a tendency to misuse.

The A’List cast was outstanding. Whoopi Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad , Anika Noni Rose, Thandie Newton, Loretta Devine and Kimberly Elise all provided Oscar worthy performances.

“Somebody tried to walk away with all your stuff; Now it’s your time to get it back! If you haven’t already, you must see this movie today!

Valerie Welch, Associate Editor

Aspire Online Magazine



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